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*The radio queues up but there's nothing but silence.*

*There's a loud rustling like the radio microphone is being dragged across a paper bag.*

*Kane's distance voice can be heard conversing alone*

"get dat dere Chance outta dis here guitar, Johnny.  Well I,....I dunno how he dun got stuck in there..."

*The shuffling continues for a moment before the voice returns*

"uh huh... *long pause*  ..yup.. *long pause* ... well no, dat dere Doktur Needles dun took all my blood, Johnny!  But at least we dun got dat purdy lady her purple shoelac....Oh hey dere feller!  Hands up don't shoot!  Johnny put yur hands up!"

*There's another brief pause before a loud *CLUNK* can be heard and the radio broadcast shuts off.*

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