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Ashley Timsdale

The Story Of Tex

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Background information.

Name – Ashley Timsdale
Nickname – Tex
Age – 20
Height – 5”4’ 
Parents – Veronica & Tracy (both deceased)
Birthday – 07/22/1998
Parents died before the outbreak. Died in plane crash when I was 10. 
Was in and out of foster care till I was adopted by Alphie Davidsons at 15.
He was a war veteran. He taught me all about the art of war and how to defend myself. 
He had decided to take us on a vacation but when we vacationed it wasn’t like everyone else’s. He would take us to random countries, and we would try to just survive off the different climates. We would stay there for about a month or so unless one of us got sick or injured. We happened to travel to Chernarus. When the outbreak happened, he taught me how to survive. He taught me everything I know from purifying water, hunt, and how to kill the dead. About six months into the outbreak he was shot by a man. The man apologized, stole everything we had, and left us for dead. I fought off a hoard of the dead that was attracted to the sound of the bullet. Once the dead was actually dead, I carried Alphie to the car and drove until we found this small hospital outpost that was abandoned, and I somehow saved his life. To this day I still believe that he should have died that day. From that day forward I learned that this was real that we were going to have to also kill the living to survive. 
I found seeds and started growing them for a source of food. We held down that outpost for as long as I could, but we had a group of people stumble upon us. The group seemed friendly enough and Alphie allowed them to stay. Things quickly went sour, as we started noticing that they were acting strangely, food was starting to go missing, and when they went out for food runs, they were taking longer than normal. After about a month of things going missing, we found out that the small group of three was stealing from us. I told Alphie we had to kill them. They knew where we were staying, they knew everything about our camp. If we let them go, they could get more people here and attack us or better yet just kill us once they know that we know about them stealing from us. He tried to talk me out of it, but I knew what I must do. A few nights later I snuck into each of there cabins and one by one I stuck my knife into each of there heads. The following morning, I pack everything we had left and told Alphie we needed to go because they might have other friends who would come attack us. 
We started to move from place to place. We found another town named Gorka and settled there. We finally started to feel safe. We felt like we might have found a home for us. Every day we would run around town collecting supplies and kill the dead. It was becoming a regular thing for us. We decided to branch out to another town to gather supplies and things went south. He was bitten. My stepfather died shortly after and now I am alone. ALL ALONE. Never get to comfortable. JSS. Just survive somehow.


Day 1.

Today I decided to go north to the town of Svet. It was a lengthy journey but it was worth it. Along the way I found a shotgun and some ammunition to go with it. I found a pig and killed it. I cooked it and I have enough meat to last me a while. I wish I could remember how long cooked pork last before it spoiled. Alphie told me but most of the time I didn't listen. I mean who knew I was actually going to need that kind of information. Anyways, I ran into a group, four or more men, they held me up. I tried to pretend I wasn't scare but I was terrified really. We all know how harsh this world is now. All I takes is one wrong word or one quick motion then boom...your dead. I am not really scared of death though. I just don't want to die. It sounds like a conundrum, I get it, but I just don't want to die. The group did nothing to me, they just searched my stuff and let me go. Weirdly enough all they took was a couple of rags. After they said I could go I ran for my life. I ran as fast and as hard as I could. I found some military tents by Svet. I didn't know that military tents would be that close to a major city but they were. I guess when the world went to shit they put up outposts. I found quite a few medical supplies at the hospital so I should be stocked up for any emergencies. There were some serious drugs left in that hospital. How it was not raided already I will never know. Once I finished searching Svet I decided to just head west and see if I could find an area of woods to reside in. So far nothing. I am in a town I cant really figure out what the name is. I will have to find a map of some sorts to decoded this language to English. Well, today was good. I feel like I am starting to move on which is good. Right? Anyways till tomorrow. -Tex

Day 2.  

I came across an military base last night, and well..., I ran into some guys. They killed all the zombies at the tents and they seemed nice enough. One of the guys stuck out, I think his name was Cotton. They told me to come with them, so I complied. I followed them around the base for a while. We came across an area with a lot of barracks. They took me in one and asked if they could get a blood sample. I told them I was B-, that my blood wasn't cross compatible with any other blood type. They didn't care about cross compatibility. I am curious as to why they needed my blood then. They take my blood and take a picture of me. Then something weird happened... They asked for a skin graft. I mean why would they need a skin graft. The tissue would be dead before they could even do anything with it. I still don't understand that. I let curiosity get the best of me and when they offered to keep me safe and take me to their base I complied. I wanted to understand these people. I know I shouldn't be so curios but I mean what if they have a doctor who can figure out of to cure the dead. I mean, I don't know. If it is possible I should find out. We started heading that way to the base, when we ran into another person. They asked him for his blood and skin. They let him go. We started along our way again. We ran into two more people. The two men in charge of both groups were talking. I think the guys I was with were called The Corporation. I don't know for sure. The man in charge of the other group asked me a few basic questions, then shit hit the fan. Gun fire erupted from everywhere. I started to run for my life, I feel a sharp pain. I knew that I was shot. I then fell unconscious. I don't know how long I was unconscious for but woke up and a man was standing over me. He put a gun to my head and told me to bandage myself. Once I was bandaged they asked me questions about the guys I was with. I told them I didn't know anything. I mean I really didn't. They took things from me, my bag, ammunition, and ruined both of my guns. They told me to run along so I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I got to a safe place and decided to sleep and regain some strength. 


It was a basic day. I ran around gathered supplies and found a new shotgun. I talked to some guy named Logan on 102.5. He seemed nice. He said he was in a group that they had an outpost near a castle that has food and water for any travelers that needed help. I decided to call it an early night and catch up on more sleep.


I ran into a man today his name was Jereinko I think. He seemed nice enough. You could tell he didn't have much people skills. We were at a creek that night when we heard voices approaching. They had a flare, it was to late to run. They said that they were raiders. Their names were Sebastian and Vlad. They were very hostile towards J. They asked me several times if I was single. I said yes I was. I know that in this world being a single girl is seen as a good thing. It is a good thing because they think you are useful. That they can use you. They told me that they had one of their men that was sad and lonely and could use some female interactions. They proceeded to take to a town named Stary. As we were going they were talking about their wives. Arguing over who's was better. Then they told me and my friend that J would have been killed if he hadn't been with me. That I was crucial and he was nothing. J tried to make jokes to make them like him more but it was no use. They already has a preconceived notion of him. We get to the town and Vlad stops at the church. That leaves me, Sebastian, and J by ourselves. I can't help it but the thought of killing Sebastian crossed my mind several times. But I knew that if I tried anything and we didn't succeed we would be dead. Also I didn't know how many others would hear the gunshot. We didn't know how many other their people were in the area. I left it alone we would just have to find another way out of this situation. We arrived at the location and their are four other people there. One of the people was a hostage. They were trying to take his right middle finger. Sebastian told him no and said to let him go. They chased him off we were going to run then but two of them turned around and was watching us. They all came back and Sebastian told them of his plans of giving me to Frankie. I am assuming that Frankie was the man that needed some female interaction. Then one of the men said something and I guess it made Sebastian mad so he proceeded to start a fist fight with the man. Apparently Sebastian is the best fighter in there group and that he has never lost a fight. Well the other guy pulled out a bat with nails. I guess he got scared to lose. Then chaos erupted. Gun shots started going off we were fighting the dead. Then I saw an opportunity and me and J ran. Ran as fast as we could into the woods. We found a house and decided to sleep there. 

Day ???

Long time no write. I know. Things have been crazy in my life. I joined Potius. I don’t know how I feel about what they do, but in my heart, I think that they have good intentions. They have protected me in all my endeavors. They make sure I am protected and have a place to stay and lay down my head at night. I am truly lucky that I found a group to accept me. Let’s see…I am going to make a list of things that have happened since the last time I wrote.

1.        I based with them in the northeast of Chernarus.

a.       Nothing super eventful just met a bunch of the men.

·   Rune, Shadow, Sage, Verda, Renegade.

2.       Base was moved to new location.

a.       Helped build and go on supply missions.

·   Gathered everything from building supplies to food and other amenities.

b.       Supported groups that were on missions

·   I watched them take blood from the people. They also cut a skin graft. I don’t understand why to this day, but I am sure it is for the best.

c.       I was given my own armband and was initiated into the group in a way.

·   They also gave me this fancy tablet thingy to keep in contact.

3.       I met a person. I care for him a lot, but I am not sure if he feels the same way.

Let me start from the beginning of meeting him. I ran into one of the members of the group and his name was Rune. He put off this badass kind of persona, but I could tell there was more to him than just that. So, I asked him to assist me on one of my supply runs. He obliged. At first, he didn’t say anything. He was very quiet, but I started to get him to talk. We mainly talked about missions and the other groups around the area. Very basic things the group talks about. After that I offered him some alcohol, specifically vodka. He drank it and slowly he started to be open up a little more to me. Once he was good and intoxicated, we both started to trade our back stories. I told him about Alphie and Henry. He told me about his siblings. We both promised that we would not talk about what happened that day. We ended up staying over the night at one of the places in town.

The next morning, we completed the supply run. We were making our way back just joking and laughing about that night. I could tell he was worried he overshared, and his job was at stake, so I told him I forgot most of it from drinking with him. I could see the relief wash over his face. I could tell there was something else he was not telling me. Me being me, I got even more curious. I saw a glimpse and I wanted more. We did more supply runs together and rumors started about us. At first, I could tell that they bothered him. Now he doesn’t even care about the rumors.

 He told me that he wasn’t really a PMC. I can’t tell anyone because that could put his siblings at risk. The group he is in is hired by Potius. That group has his siblings and they are ill. They are experimenting on the twins. The twins need a special strain in the blood stream called REDACTED. We met up with a doctor, Dr. Edgar Moore. Rune tested the doctor’s skills with some fake samples that he wanted. The doctor was smart and knew they were normal. We gave him a few real ones. He deemed those normal as well. I volunteered to donate to the cause. Little did I know that I would actually have the strain needed. I know now what will happen to me. At some point, I am going to be taken out of the country and sent to one of the groups labs where the kids are being held. I know that I hold the fate of his siblings in my hands.

This morning I woke up and he came into the house covered in scratches and his clothes were practically in shreds. I freaked out on him. He told me that he didn’t sleep last night. He went out with Mars another operator for Potius. He said Mars was with a bunch of friends and they went out. He met two people named Fae and Robbie. Fae had adopted Robbie and I think that it might have got to him. I think he wants that but knows he really can’t have it. He said that someone made him mad and he went loud in town which led to him getting swarmed by zombies and almost dying. Rune is such an idiot sometimes I swear. He doesn’t understand how much he means to me. It is no longer just curiosity. I have genuine feelings. I can’t build up the courage to tell him. He kept making comments all day today. Comments that he would have never said before. If only he would have said these things earlier. Even then it wouldn’t change anything. I am still going to be shipped out. It’s just a matter of when. I think he said the L word but I don’t know for sure. He did hold my hand which is not him at all. I don’t know this side of him. I am just sad that I might not get to know this side for much longer. Until next time.

A Special Day A few days ago we were headed to the North West Airfield. We stopped to rest, and I made a joke. I think it freaked him out a little bit. I said, “We should get married”. He freaked out and started to smoke a lot of cancer sticks. I thought about it and I realized that I no longer wanted it to be a joke. I wanted to be married before I get shipped out. I want to say I was married and had that special night. I have dreamt of that day my whole life. “Can I have that day?”, I thought to myself. Then he asked me why we should…that’s when I dropped an even bigger bomb. The L word. I said, “When you love someone you shouldn’t wait.” He went into straight panic mode. I tried to take it back, but it was too late. I had slipped on accident. He couldn’t even talk to me. I thought I had ruined everything. I thought he would run. IT WAS OVER. Then it wasn’t he told me he loved me too. He told me he wanted to be with me. He was still hesitant on the marriage, but it doesn’t matter he said he loved me. The wedding was nothing to that one word. HE said IT. For real this time. I was ecstatic. We went to bed. When we woke up the next morning, he asked me if I really wanted to marry him. I said of course I did. I meant every word to him. I love him and I wanted to leave this country a married woman and give him something else to keep fighting for. I love him so much. We got a call from REDACTED to come to Severograd. We traveled there and met a bunch of interesting people I met Willow and her boyfriend. It was nice to see another couple in the country. We went the only ones able to find love in this shit hole. Jokingly I asked if there was a Pastor in town and a man said, “Actually I am ordained, I will gladly marry you guys”. At that point, I realized this was really happening. I was getting married. My dreams were coming true.

Willow and I set out to find the perfect outfit. The boys set out for theirs. We were so excited. Then The Time showed up and ruined it. They were asking for a man I didn’t know him. They gave him up, but everyone was still on edge and none of us were comfortable to do it that night. So, we slept. Today is the day, no matter what I am getting married. Even if it kills me.

-Love Mrs. Meyers to be...

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A nice read, hope to see you in game!

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will you be posting each day on the op? lookign forward to day 2!

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day two was already posted actually on a different thread but if wanted I can post it on this thread instead of doing about bunch of different ones

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RIP Cottonmouth, RIP Saineolai, Two Legend Operators that will never be forgotten-- really cool read-- was awesome RPing with you and it was an awesome stand off between Vitaly and his men against, Shadow, Sixx, Cottonmouth, Saine, and the lady we were trying to 'help'

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when will we get the next updates? it's been a while ashley!

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The next page would be in a different hand writing, the ink fresh. An old picture of two twin babies is set in the crease.

9 months. How can you want to pour everything out to someone but not know how to do it? I thought I was past this. Caging myself up. But it's the only reason I've survived knowing the twins are...Jesus. All I've done in life is break people. These nine months I've tried fixing people, but no matter how many lives I save I'll never make up for the lives I've cost. The damage I've done to all the people I've cared about. No amount of good deeds can cancel out the evil I've done. So why do I still feel like I have to try?

The bottom of the page is torn out

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