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Im going on a picnic (Open Frequency)

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*Emma hums to herself as she brings her radio to her face and speaks into it*

“I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing..”

*She laughs hysterically and a shot can be heard*

“I have heard that somebody is looking for me.. Is it because you wanna play games with me? Why not just try and contact me? I would love to play games!”

*She pauses for a moment, smirking to herself*

“Or maybe you have a present for me? I do love presents..”

*She starts humming to herself once again before she eventually releases the PTT*

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*Jordan presses the PTT with a smile on his face and begins to talk*

"It's you again! I'd love to meet you again and play the game."

*He pauses for a moment* 

"I feel like I could win the game this time, I've gotten very good. Ask my friends!"

*He looks over the town he last saw her in and thinks*

"You were right. I'm happier now and always have a smile on my face. But my friends won't forgive you for it and want to plan to get you back, I told them I wouldn't do that though, not after you helped me."

*He releases the PTT and goes to look for his friends*

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*Emma chuckles to herself as she hears Jordan’s reply and presses down the PTT*

“Long time no see, Jordan.. Im glad you’re finally happy!”

*She looks down over the town from the hill, smiling*

Well.. Your friends dont understand real happiness.. But dont worry! I will take care of you and play as many games you want! How about we start one now? I will give you a little riddle of the place where our new home is and you can come there whenever you feel like it!

*She laughs as she starts walking up some stairs and you can hear small rocks falling in a distance*

“Spin around a few times as you stand between the twins and face the south, head there and you will find me..”

*She smirks and releases the PTT*

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*He thinks for a few moments* 

"I watched The Hobbit, I'm good at riddles!"

*He chuckles and begins to mumble to himself*

"I know the answer! But I don't think it would be wise to say it over the radio."

*He releases the PTT*

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Poppy presses down the PTT just momentarily. Static crackles to life on the frequency for a few moments as she tries to find the words to talk. Seconds pass before she gives up and mutters a small,


Her voice is barely a whisper, speaking as she brought the radio away from her mouth. The transmission falls silent. 

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He stutters with what he is going to say, before pressing the PTT

H-hi Emma. It's nice to hear from you. It's been a while.

And you too, Jordan... I'm sorry for what I did for you.

R-r-regardless, a-are you okay?  I wanna know how you're doing. With the foot and everything.

It's been a while. Have fun with the picnic! I'm bringing an apple.

He smiles, before releasing his PTT

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*He hears the man on the radio and is puzzled*

"Sorry, do I know you? I'm not that good at remembering some people."

"Anyway, I'm great never been better and hope you're good too"

*He releases the PTT*


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Steven is a bit confused, but he presses the PTT*

Um... how do I say this... 

I was the guy who played the game first and..

s-stabbed you in the foot.

It's nice to know you're good Jordan. I felt bad about what I did to you.

He releases the PTT

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*He would laugh, whilst multiple footsteps would be heard around him as he press the PTT*

"Get a load of this little girl, she has people looking for her! and shes using riddles now. Listen it sounds like shes got more enemies then we have"

*He would let out another laugh*

"Who's looking for you little girl"

*he would release his PTT, then starting to speak to the people round him*

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*Presses the PTT*
Good evening Doctor.
You seem adamant on belittling people when all you do is run and hide.
Even give yourself up to get tortured, no one is looking for her that's all been cleared up.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
*Releases the PTT*

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