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Fallen Eagle

Have two website accounts by mistake

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So let me put some context into this, First of all the account I'm currently using is OLD, as in back when DayZRP was still using the DayZ mod old... Second I've got a terrible memory, so when I saw DayZRP was going to Standalone I completely forgot I already had an account and thus made a new one. I just wanted to let staff know that the account known as "Wraths" is INDEED me, and is me fucking up and forgetting I had THIS account and NOT me trying to make two accounts to "try and escape bans" or any other kind of nonsense. If you've got some way of deleting it or whatever that would be AWESOME because that way theirs no more confusion and I don't have a potential ban hanging over my head like a cartoon piano.

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Hello @Fallen Eagle,

If you could create a support ticket here. We will be able to help you with this problem.


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