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Temp Ban Appeal

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Additional statements/comments Explaining  your point of view :        Me and 2 others were on are way to gather items that we needed when a guy we robbed earlier came across us for the second time. The first time we robbed him we needed a bag and some of the other players clothes so we held him up and took his clothes and left him with a chance to live with some food. We were talking to the player as he chooses to not use his mic which is not fair what that i am getting banned and caused all this trouble for not giving RP because for one the player did not have a mic and i do not want to wait around sitting for him to type his slow reply in chat . if anyone should be getting banned for not giving RP should be malice for not using his mic. We came across Malice for the second time a few hours which he has the right to shoot us for what we had did but we choose to speak with him and when he started to give attitude when he took his gun out and started claiming he was gonna stand his ground i came out from behind him which he did not see me hiding behind him i gun pointed him to not turn around as he turns around anyways he is clearly aware what i am asking him todo when he chooses to run away with his loaded gun with him as we start to fire he started to return fire which we had the right to knowing he was armed and could have done anything if he got away Please let me know if you need other information contact me in voice chat or DM   

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:       I would like to get un banned simply because we are not at fault, I Drive trucks for a living I can not be checking my phone or my laptop every time  something like this happens when I can make the time to play I will check this kinds of things but I am always on the road and do not feel like checking this shit when I have nothing but a few hours of sleep before I get back on the road. I feel that this is wasting my time because one person is mad because they lost their stuff when they clearly ran away and argued with us asking to be shot. you can not give RP to a player with out a working mic. you can not ban someone for not giving RP to a player without a Mic, it should be Required for all players to be using their mic for interactions for this server. I feel Malis should be ban for creating a post of no rule breaks 

What could you have done better ? I could have done nothing to better the situation we handled everything fine from past experience I know that we gave enough role play because we had talked with the player a long time. @Zanaan


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forgot somthing to incude

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Greetings @BOB ROSS 1000, please update your OP with the template found here 

Failure to do so in 24 hours will result in your appeal being closed.

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Greetings @BOB ROSS 1000, we've now reviewed the report and come to a conclusion. In this report you run into an armed former hostage and attempt to disarm him for your safety. 


The PoVs from there on differ, and seeing as no video evidence has surfaced we cannot take one person's word over the others. Therefore it will be marked as inconclusive for BadRP. We also see no griefing in this situation as a robbery does not apply to our griefing rule.


@BOB ROSS 1000

griefing- not guilty. 

Badrp- inconclusive


With that your temp ban has also been lifted. In the future please respond to reports in a timely manner so as not to be temp banned again. 

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