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From Green Mountain [89.6Mhz]

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*Kazimir's voice would come clear throughout South Zagoria and beyond. From much earlier in the day, many would come to hear him speak in a clear and monotone matter.*

"Начать передачу. Полномочия у полковника Язова. Роман. Ольга. Михаил. Анна. Николай. Ольга. Василий. Один-девять-пять-два-девять-два-шесть-восемь. Слава славянам. Конец передачи.

*The broadcast would end abruptly.*


Start of transmission. Credentials are Colonel Yazov. Roman. Olga. Mikhail. Anna. Nikolai. Olga. Vasily. One-Nine-Five-Two-Nine-Two-Six-Eight. Glory to the Slavs. End of transmission.


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*A voice could be heard, with an eastern Bulgarian accent, a man speaks. The sounds of Light Armored Vehicles driving by.*

"Слава славянам. Мы идем домой, полковник."

*The broadcast would end.*


Glory to the slavs. We're coming home, Colonel.


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*In disbelief of hearing his mothertoung, Jason sets down his bag and listens in on the broadcast. It sounds like military, his own cousin served for the VDV, maybe these are our forces?*


Неужели это русский язык я слышу?? Меня зовут Джейсон, меня очень радует слышать родной язык. Где вы находитесь, как можна вас найти?


*Hoping to hear a reply, he sets down his radio on loud and makes camp for the night.*

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