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Appeal- Manpreme

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Link to ban: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/96474-greefing-and-no-rp-on-split-train-track/?tab=comments#comment-1773735

Name: Manpreme (Aka John "Hades" Lundervack)

Why the verdict is not fair: The first time we encountered him we provided role play, he also did not have a microphone the first time, we robbed him of his goods, he made us uncomfortable and kept telling us he was nervous and just a medic. Our friend had recently met a group of medics that were also cannibals, so we had no trust for them, he also kept telling us he was nervous and on edge. I ensured he had proper food and drinks to survive before we left him. We did not hold him hostage, as we didn't have any need for torture, just to refill our bags and be on our way. The second time we met him, he was near where our car was hidden and parked. we approached him and he had his Gun drawn and was being very defensive and on edge. He repeatedly told us to keep our distance, I asked if he was a medic and he responded yes. I knew this was the same guy at that point and knew he could take revenge on us and he was too close to our car. Our other friend approached him from behind (Bob Ross) and demanded that he stayed where he was and dropped his gun. We did not want to kill him but instead of dropping it and listening to the demands he took off sprinting towards where our car was and we fired shots to wound. He then shot me unconscious before we delivered the fatal blow. I do not feel this qualified for a ban after explaining our point of view, i do apologize for not getting to this sooner.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:  It was a clean quick rob the first time, we only took a few things necessary and left him with what he needed. The second time he was at the wrong place, way too close to our car and had a right to attack us for robbing him. He was very hostile before we even knew it was the same guy. He also accused our friend of robbing him right when she approached him and she wasn't involved with anything she was just with us. Our guy told him if he ran we would shoot and he took off with his gun. At this point we attacked him.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to receive an unban if possible, I have been working all weekend and didn't see this message until now or I would have responded to explain my point of view. I do not feel like i abused any rules. The scenario was valid for us to be on edge the second time, getting robbed isn't going to be a fun experience, it's meant to be thrilling and create panic. 

What could you have done better? I feel like we could have provided a better experience the first time,  however he doesn't need to know our story and why we wouldn't trust medics. I also wished him goodluck as we left to show no hard feelings. We were also outside in the middle of the night and completely exposed, we wanted to get out of the city fast and didn't want a medic we didn't know anything about tagging along with us or trying to follow us. It was the wrong place at the wrong time the second time around, but he was immediately hostile. When we approached him two of us said hi to him and he told us to back off, my friend "Mary withers" was also involved and drew her gun at that point because his gun was drawn and started getting more nervous so i pulled mine out too and checked the surrounding area as he had a right to attack us and could have other medic friends nearby. 

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Just now, manpreme said:

@Zanaan Can I get someone to look over this please?

It is being reviewed, please do not bump your appeal

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Greetings @manpreme, we've now reviewed the report and come to a conclusion. In this report you run into an armed former hostage and attempt to disarm him for your safety. 


The PoVs from there on differ, and seeing as no video evidence has surfaced we cannot take one person's word over the others. Therefore it will be marked as inconclusive for BadRP. We also see no griefing in this situation as a robbery does not apply to our griefing rule.



griefing- not guilty. 

Badrp- inconclusive


With that your temp ban has also been lifted. In the future please respond to reports in a timely manner so as not to be temp banned again. 


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