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Need Nails [Open Frequency]

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*Kyle takes a swig of his canteen sitting at his side before taking his radio out of his backpack and pressing the PTT*

Yo to whoever is out there, me and my mate just found ourselves a nice little house out in the boonies and we wanna smash some walls up or some shit for protection from them infected fuckers . We've chopped bare wood but we aint got no nails so if anyone wanna trade hit me up init. We don't want any trouble and we aint got much to our names but we just wanna feel safe at night ya get me? 

*He pauses and takes another swig of his water before continuing*

Oh and if a dude named mikael who we met at balota with a girl today manages to hear this message we'd really love to meet you again and show you our ospitality for bein proper nice to us. you're one ov the only gud uns left bruva!

*Kyle releases the PTT and puts the radio back on the table eagerly awaiting any response*

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*Kyle bangs his radio against the table and mutters to himself*

"is this fuckin thing playin up again? piece of fuckin shit"

*he pushes down the PTT*

"Yo can someone tell me if this piece of shit is workin? man.. i managed to down the foundations for a wall around my house today but i need some nails or some shit so i can smash some wooden planks on the foundation"

*kyle pauses and thinks before continuing*

i'm beggin someone helps us out man, a small group of russians or some shit drove me and george out our home last week, we spent nearly 2 years there.. 2 fucking years! i swear i'm gonna fucckin kill the bastards that did this to us!

*kyle throws the radio on the ground before slamming the door to his new house*

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*Francis, mumbling about his need for cocaine hears this message, pressing the PTT like anyone else.*

"I got a box of nails I could part with for an ounce or so of cocaine."

*Francis goes back to muttering about cocaine once he releases the PTT like a normal human being.*

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*Holds PTT*

"Yo bro I might could find some nails but what's in it for me?"

*Releases PTT*

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*Kyle giggles to himself before holding the ptt*

"I heard you on the other station bangin on about cocaine..You got a real problem bruv"


"look i aint gonna lie lads, we aint got much. like i said those fuckers ran us out our home and we only took what we could carry. what are ya lookin for? i could even do a job for ya or somethin for the nails. i don't know bruv, all i know if that i'll owe you one bigtime"

*releases ptt*


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*Francis presses the PTT hearing the response*

"You can start by getting me some coke. Just the trek alone is gonna be a pain in my ass. I can stop by if you need and I'll take a fucking IOU."

*Francis starts packing his shit ready to head south after he releases the PTT.*

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*Jane clears her throat, before she presses down on the PTT, she would speak in a deep tone*

"Hey, I actually have some spare nails.."
*You can here the sound of nails falling inside a box*
" 55.. to be exactly.. as well as some tools for buliding.."
*She makes a short break*
"You can have them if you want to!"

*She releases the button and returns the nails into her backpack*

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