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The Ramblings of Duncan Evans

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This Leather-bound book sitting inside the man's inventory would hold the writings of a man call Duncan Evans. From time to time he wrote his inner thoughts down in this book. The hand writing is sloppy at its best, and barely legible at worst. Anybody who has access to his backpack would be able to read this.


" I don't trust people. Well, that's not entirely true. I have people that I travel with, but the strangers we bump into... I'm not a fan of taking chances with new people. And when it comes to large groups, it just doesn't seem to work out for me. The same goes for staying in one place for too long, trouble just seems to come looking for you. Maybe it's me but things never goes as planned. All I know is I can't do this alone, not after last time. Too much time alone and the bad thoughts will come back. Maybe I'll try to listen in on of the frequencies on my radio, I can't be alone with my own thoughts."

The rest of the page is a collection of shapes and patterns scribbled in various sizes. Brown spots stain the bottom of the paper.

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The second page in this book is crinkled and covered in strange grey stains.

" It seems some of my friend have found somewhere vaguely safe to socialise. So many people, I'm not use to all these different voices at once. I had to leave, I can't sleep with that many strangers around. Something just feels wrong about that place. I'll admit. I did enjoy the company but once it got dark everyone left. I was told I was welcomed to stay, I dunno about that... I've tried my best to avoid large groups of people, and connecting myself to them would go against what I've been trying to do. At least they didn't give me the third degree, I'm not very good at talking about myself. Just got to keep on moving."

The rest of the page is a crude attempt at drawing a bunch of thorns wrapped around a man's arm. It looks like so sort of Tattoo design.

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Posted (edited)

The third page seems to have some-kind of brown beverage spilt on it.

" I've found a new compound to stay in, we've named it Solitude. I've also made some new friends, I saved one of them from a zombie horde. I think I've left a good impression, and there's only two of them so far, I don't feel anxious around them. One of them seems a little naive but he's one hell of a builder, this base is amazing. I've been thinking of telling some of the the others, but I'm not sure how many of them are left. The guy who build this all is over cautious about who to trust, which I can respect. The one I saved from the infected seems to have a real interest in stealing from anyone that isn't us. So far these people have been good to me, so I've returned the favour. Let's see how long this lasts, bad luck follows me it seems."

A drawing of a wooden compound takes up the bottom of the page.

Edited by Hellspawn

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The forth page in this book doesn't have any distinguishing marks on it.

" It's already over, just like that. I'm back to my own thoughts again. What could of been something, turned out to be nothing. People turned on each other or up and left, I guess it's just the way of the world now. I can't help but feel like I knew this would happen, but for once I tried to be positive about all this. Time to move on and leave all that in the past. If I keep myself occupied maybe I'll eventually forget. Or maybe I'll just lose the plot, end up like one of those things. Hell, at this rate anything could happen. I just need to try and silence the voices, otherwise they'll get me into trouble."

A postcard of Chernarus in taped to the bottom of the page.

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The fifth page in this book has some of the worst handwriting yet.

" I'm sick and I have no idea how it happened. it's been days now and the feeling in my stomach hasn't gone away, I can't eat anything solid without it making me feel sick as a dog. I've even had a few friends try to help me out, but I'm still sitting here dealing with whatever the fuck this sickness is. Maybe this is life's way of saying fuck you Duncan you deserve this. Maybe I do, I'm not exactly making the world a better place by sitting here and writing down my inane thoughts. Then again nobody given me the time of day so I haven't had the chance to make things right. Maybe it's time to let it all go. I think I've given this life thing a good run.

Who the fuck are you kidding, you're a coward Mr Evans! You don't have the ball to take your own life. But you didn't bat an eyelid when taking the lives of others did you? Fuck man I didn't have a choice, I had no idea people slept in that building! I  was young and foolish. Yeah that's right, just justify killing people so you can sleep at night you piece of shit! Leaving you're own Brother to die! You make me sick. This is some sort of cruel joke isn't it? That's why you're still alive Mr Evans! Because death is too good for the likes of you! If you can just run away from you problems everything will be better, right? You've got it all figured out haven't you? Just don't get close to anyone and you'll never feel betrayed again. You're pathetic! "

More disgusting looking stains are spattered all over the page.

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