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To the fel'las livin' in a castle [Open Frequency]

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*Trent walks around the castle's grounds, staring at the in-progress wall construction, and the lowly-smoke of a recent campfire.*

*He steps up onto the watchtower, pulls out his radio and presses the PTT, and begins to speak in his southern accent.*

"Afternoon, this is Mr. Jaegar. I hope you fel'las livin' at the castle nearby can hear me broadcasting on this frequency."

*Trent pauses, and thinks of what to say, then continues.*

"I have been hunting in the woods that last couple days around the area. I was hoping to come to y'all for trade. Unfortunately, every damn time I come up here, I appear to have just miss y'ah fel'las."

*Trent chuckles.*

"I haven't had much luck baggin' me a'buck, and when I came around again, I notice y'all gathered an abundance of supplies."

"Now, I didn't take n'uthin', as I ain't no thief, but I was rather puzzled with the luck of finding elderberries and rose hips nearby. I went ahead and helped myself. I figured, y'all didn't mind."

*Trent finishes eatting the berries and gets on with this message.*

*Trent's voice is partly-muffled by the chewing sounds.*

"Anyways, if y'all can even hear me, again; I am lookin' for trade, for now I think it's time I head on over to Berezino.---"

*Trent realizes to mention something, just as he was about to finish his message.*

"---Oh shit! Did I fail to mention, that I used some of your duct-tape? My bad, this damn rocky-forest terrain ain't showin' no mercy to my boots." "FIgured, I'd patch them up the best I could."

"I did however, leave y'all some supplies in the chest up here. I figured it would be a fair trade for now. We can discuss it later next time."

"I guess I better stop yammering on like a crazy man. Jaegar, out."

*Trent releases the PTT, finishes repacking his gear, and steps off the castle's grounds.*


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* Duncan scrambles to respond to the frequency. His dull English accent cuts through the radio waves.*

" If you're speaking of the castle I'm thinking of, I could possibly arrange some sort of meeting. Tell me though, did this castle have a single tent? "

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*Trent finally hears a response from his radio and presses the PTT*

"Ah, an answer! Well, hello there! Indeed, that is the castle I speak of, with a single tent, and a chest."

"It appeared as if you dug up a few holes in the ground recently as well. Perhaps for cold-storage of your recent hunts?"

"I am by Severograd now, but I suppose, on my way back from my travels I shall stop by again."

*Trent releases the PTT and awaits a response.*


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* Duncan responds again.*

" Well I'm not sure who stuck around, but you might catch one of us if you're lucky. We don't tend to say in one spot for long."

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*Trent presses the PTT and replies.*

"Alright, well, if you're there, I will say hello, if not, that's fine too."

"Trent over and out."

*Trent releases the PTT.*

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*Tom pushes his PTT*

"It seems we keep narrowly miss crossing paths, Trent; this is Tom O'fee.  I was helping on the construction you found.  Hope to see you there and we can talk some business, maybe set up a trade stall for you to make use of when you come to the area to do business?"

*Tom pauses before hitting the PTT button again*

"It's good to hear trade isn't completely dead!"

*Tom releases the PTT*

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