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S1 - Attempted RDM - Pustoshka 20:40 ish - 28-04-2019

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Server and location: S1 and in a field near Pustoshka (Angel compound)

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 2019-04-28, 20:40

Your in game name: Rustin Jones

Names of allies involved: The House

Name of suspect/s: Logs will show 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: I begin running toward the Pustoshka field, I didnt initiate on anyone nor had I been initiated on. As I am walking I get lit up and almost die. No one had rights on me as I am not in an official group, I had not initiated on anyone, nor had I initiated on anyone.

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It was me. If you were wearing a tanker hat then yes I shot you. From my POV I saw you aiming up at my two friends who had just been initiated on and killed for no reason. You started running back and forth aiming, putting your gun on your back, crouching towards them. I saw you as a hostile as your group just killed two of my members.

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I'm not in an approved group so other peoples actions on your group that I wasn't even involved in are irrelevant. I hear over comms that there was a situation around Angel Barns/South of Pustoshka so I head over there. As I'm approaching, I see two people to my right who I scope in on to get a better look at them, I didn't shoot anyone as I didn't have rights and was just looking to see who it was. I then see another man with tan clothing and quickly scope in on him to get a better look, bear in mind I'm still moving whilst scoped in and it didn't look like I was about to shoot him at all. I then start receiving fire for no reason. I crouched 1 time for a call out, I put my gun on my back (How is that giving you the impression im about to kill your friends).

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From my perspective I saw you aiming up at my friends as they were killed. When I saw you doing that and running around aiming at other friends who were not dead yet, I saw you as an enemy. Your crouching and sneaking, aiming, there is no way for me to even know in game if you were approved group or not. Since Jackels have been using Orange Arm Bands as well, and ran around getting their warband together. Seems like you are abusing the rule of a dynamic group to protect yourselves, having very few people involved in the hostile activity so the rest of your group dosn't get killed till someone breaks a rule.

There is no way I could of known if you were in a dynamic group. I saw you as a hostile aiming at my friends who just died.

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Vrach POV - I log in north of Zeleno hearing that Oxen is being chased. Around the time he is being shot is when I connect to the server. Based on what I understood, was Oxen was running away from a group of Orange Arm Bands. We at this time assumed it was the house because that's what the house generally wore. After a while of being chased and both Oxen and some of them removing equipment to catch up, Oxen was randomly shot twice in the back to make him move slower. When he was moving slow enough, one of them managed to catch up and Oxen turned to kill him.That being said, this is a different report. However I should also mention that Jackfish was then being shot at for no reason.

So after spending some time south of New Paris, I eventually started to hear shots in Rogovo. As I got to Rogovo I came across the two men in question. One wearing blue and black checkered shirt with an sks, and the other with AK, baseball cap, yellow rain coat, and jeans on. The exact id of one of the members who was shooting / chasing Oxen. AFter that I moved around the area for a bit. Rped with my bois a bit. Then I hear Ryan and Jackfish, who moved away to find rp in Pustoshka were being chased. Myself near VMC, I started heading south. This is when I saw KIA in the field aiming up at my friends as they were initiated on, then killed. I saw him aiming at them and crouching, moving stealthily around. After they died he started pushing towards others that came from the hostage situation to regroup with them. At this point I knew he was enemy so I started to shoot at him.

However, apparently because of stupid dynamic rules, I don't have kos on anyone in that group unless they initiate... even if they are in the same group. However as I am shooting him about to kill him I see him surrender and I stop shooting and move away. He starts shooting back hitting me twice but I just continue to leave.

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Hit Logs:

20:36:00 | Player "Rustin Jones" hit by Player "Vrach Sikorski" with KA-M from 233.048 meters 
20:36:00 | Player "Rustin Jones" hit by Player "Vrach Sikorski" with KA-M from 233.048 meters 
20:36:05 | Player "Rustin Jones" hit by Player "Vrach Sikorski" with KA-M from 237.575 meters 
20:38:04 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" hit by Player "Rustin Jones" with M4-A1 from 425.127 meters 
20:38:08 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" hit by Player "Rustin Jones" with M4-A1 from 421.658 meters


Position Logs:

20:22:01 | Player "Rustin Jones" (pos=<4483.6, 8487.8, 318.1>) 
20:27:02 | Player "Rustin Jones" (pos=<4682.2, 8572.2, 321.8>) 
20:32:02 | Player "Rustin Jones" (pos=<3658.4, 8310.2, 301.6>) 
20:37:02 | Player "Rustin Jones" (pos=<3826.5, 7380.9, 305.1>) 
20:42:04 | Player "Rustin Jones" (pos=<3825.6, 6697.4, 323.5>) 
20:47:04 | Player "Rustin Jones" (pos=<3654.2, 7223.7, 326.7>) 
20:52:05 | Player "Rustin Jones" (pos=<2929.8, 7192.9, 337.1>) 
20:57:05 | Player "Rustin Jones" (pos=<2812.0, 7952.7, 323.4>) 
21:02:05 | Player "Rustin Jones" (pos=<2063.7, 8301.6, 338.4>) 
21:07:06 | Player "Rustin Jones" (pos=<2078.3, 8336.6, 341.1>) 
21:12:06 | Player "Rustin Jones" (pos=<2111.8, 8235.2, 339.8>) 
21:17:07 | Player "Rustin Jones" (pos=<2111.8, 8235.2, 339.8>) 

20:22:01 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" (pos=<4985.3, 6615.0, 252.6>) 
20:27:02 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" (pos=<4799.9, 6888.7, 276.3>) 
20:32:02 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" (pos=<4377.9, 7205.7, 298.4>) 
20:37:02 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" (pos=<4066.4, 7706.9, 295.2>) 
20:42:04 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" (pos=<4496.0, 8091.4, 316.7>) 
20:47:04 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" (pos=<4495.0, 7210.9, 306.5>) 
20:52:05 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" (pos=<4800.2, 6826.2, 270.3>) 
20:57:05 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" (pos=<5235.8, 6920.6, 278.4>) 
21:02:05 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" (pos=<5712.3, 6923.7, 328.6>) 
21:07:06 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" (pos=<5841.4, 6892.8, 335.3>) 
21:12:06 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" (pos=<5841.4, 6892.8, 335.3>) 
21:17:07 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" (pos=<5841.5, 6892.7, 335.3>) 


Connection Logs:

20:20:31 | Player "Rustin Jones" is connected
21:17:53 | Player "Rustin Jones" has been disconnected

19:44:17 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" is connected
21:21:51 | Player "Vrach Sikorski" has been disconnected


Calling in:

@Kai - Rustin Jones | POSTED

@Zipcouda - Vrach Sikorski | POSTED

For their full detailed POV. Along with any other evidence that they may have. Please also list all of your allies that were involved in the situation. 

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@Zipcouda - Attempted Invalid Kill | Guilty


Starting off with the rulebreak of Attempted Invalid Kill. @Zipcouda you will be found guilty of Attempted Invalid Kill because you did not have kill rights on @Kai. @Kai at no point initiated on you or one of your group members, therefore no rights were gained. 

The way Kill Rights work with dynamic groups are as follows. Attacker Rights are not shared via the dynamic; everyone in a dynamic must initiate, only Defender Rights are shared via the dynamic. So, a everyone in a dynamic group has to initiate on a person to gain Attacker Rights, but only one of them needs to be initiated on to gain Defender Rights. 

The rule that support this verdict:

  • 4.2 When your life is at risk or you are subjected to a hostile action by other players you are allowed to defend yourself. This is granted by two different "kill rights" that you can gain based on circumstances of the situation like which side caused the hostile situation and which side you are on.
    • If you are a defender - the one being initiated on or subjected to other hostile actions that threaten your life which you did not start or provoke - you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining DEFENDER RIGHTS on the attackers. Defender rights allow you to kill attackers for 2 hours or until your character dies. Defender rights can be shared with anyone who you recently role played with as well as all your group members, if you are a part of an approved group.
    • If you are an attacker - the one who first did the initiation or started, caused or provoked the hostile situation - you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining ATTACKER RIGHTS on the defenders. Attacker rights allow you to kill defenders for 1 hour or until your character dies. Attacker rights can be only be shared with your approved group members. If you are not a part of an approved group, attacker rights can not be shared and apply only for your character.

Before I close out I would like to make a few suggestion for the future. When it comes to Kill Rights and having Attacker or Defender Rights if you are unsure if you have them it is always best to reinitiate just to make sure that everything is covered. 


@Zipcouda - Attempted Invalid Kill | Guilty - 2 Day Ban & 5 Warning Points

Signed by: @BrianM & @RandyRP w/ Notes

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