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To Mr. Murdock

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*Molière would sit down by small tree overlooking the coast*

*You would hear a french accent*

" Mr Murdock, if you can catch this radio transmission, I'd like to apologize for putting you in  a treacherous situation yesterday. I have realized this area is not safe and decided to leave. Knowing you are a man of precautions, I can suggest you head down to the coastline. Things are... quieter down here."

" You don't have to trust me, but we could resume our business transactions and make sure to ensure each others safety.  If you wish, you can bring some of the man from yesterday as well since it seems you trust them."

"You are a civil man and I can appreciate that"

*Molière would put his radio back into his pack and write down a few things in his journal*

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*Murdock lets out a sign, feeling confused he pushes the ptt*

"Frenchie.. I am not travelling to the coast, I lived there for over a year.  I am staying in the town where the altercation happened yesterday, yesterday was just a 1 off, it's normally a peaceful town, trust me Frenchie. 
See you there soon."

*Murdock releases the ptt, the proceeds to stare at a picture of his family.*

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