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Server time: 2019-05-27, 08:08
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S1 Invalid Initiation/Attempted RDM/Invalid Killx2

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Server and location: S1 Field next to VMC

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-04-28 03:23

Your in game name: Marcus Moreno

Names of allies involved: @JoeyOG @JoeyS

Name of suspect/s: The House

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: All three of us were in Bash when two people of there group came to @JoeyOG and they talked for a bit and they called him a "Posh Cunt" at the end of the convo so we all decided to go and have a talk with them about that but they started running away from us so we ended up chasing them down for a good thirty minutes until they ended up in kab. When we arrived in kab there were more than the two we saw before and decided to dip because we knew what they were gonna do. @JoeyS was talking to them in kab and he was telling us that they were looking for us so we ran off into the field and past vmc. Once we got into one of the fields by vmc one of there boys came outta no where and wanted to talk to us and we responded with "we know youre with them and we dont want to talk to you" and we kept sprinting away and thats when the video was taken. The guy in the white helmet was chasing us and crouched down after we crossed the river and i say "i didnt hear him" then they shot at us. The rest of the clip shows the rest. So invalid initiation because none of us heard what he said, invalid kills because if he did initiate theyre not an approved group so they all had to initiate too. Attempted RDM because they shot at me and hit me but i put my hands up after.

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Ok so @JoeyOG I'm really not sure why you decided to by proxy report, you have obviously told your friend to report instead as you knew the consequences. I DMed you privately on Discord to sort the situation out and you said you were not reporting. You then go on to try and blackmail me for your m4 back and implying that if I don't give you it, i'm getting reported. I will attach 2 screencaps that show the evidence of you and your friend stating that you're not reporting and also you blackmailing me for the m4. It's pretty obvious here that you only cared about gear and you're insistent on getting your M4 whilst using it as leverage over me. 

"Your boys are beta :(" Also is very unnecessary and wasn't needed at all. 



I'm willing to talk this out with the OP 

POV: As I have been in an approved group for the last month and a half or so it was muscle memory to fire, I am guilty of that. However I believe it is important to explain all the details not shown in the video. In the video we see one of the men get initiated on, while the one recording doesn't hear it as he is outside of range. (Keep in mind I am far in the back) The op's boy on the hill nearby begins to use his defensive rights, but not on the right people. As we are NOT an official group, they did not have rights on us who were far in the back and had not fired or initiated. He opens up on them either way, giving those who got shot at defensive rights, as they were not initiators or aggressors. My boys then use these newly gained rights to kill the other man who began firing, and proceed to RP with the hostage. Yes, I did invalidly kill Panda, but my friends did not invalidly kill anyone at all, they acted in defense as they got shot at while no one had rights on them.

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u gotta discord link?

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