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Derek Steel

Only in the darkness can you see the stars (Viggos journey)

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my mind is in shambles nowadays i don't know what to do or where to go i have lost the path of honere i have tryed to follow my whole life
*viggo mind when writing*
i am weak
I am aimless
I am lost
I am a burden

fraya im sory i haven found you yet i know how terrifying this world must be for you my tiny fox but i atlest know you are in good compeny with our little crew you're probably kicking their asses up and down the decks trying to keep thing running dont worry one day we will meet again and that day i have many good people to introduce you to they are keeping youre stupid brother form doing to much dum shit
but you know me i have messed up a few times alrady but for som strange reason they dont mind and help me fight on

i dont know what more do write so i will leave it hear
sleep wall tiny fox may odins always watch over you and keep you safe 




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