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Hey Kaz you still alive out there? (Open Freq.)

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Eddie looks across the campground his eyes drifting to the Dam just south of it. A look creases his face, one of worry and fear. He hadn't been there to see what happened to them when the Chedaki rolled up. He also had not expected one of his own to help the Chedaki as well. Letting out a bitter sigh he presses the TPP.

"Hey Kaz you out there? I'm really really hoping you aren't dead Boss. It's Eddie."

He chuckles to himself a dry and tired laugh before starting again.

"I wanted to apologize on behalf of my employer. Apparently one of The Vale had faint communistic ideals about the past, despite never living under its rule. So in his stead I've been upgraded to Head of The World's End Security. It's nothing much just three guys with SKS's and Mosin's but at least its a start."

His voice becomes dry and somber now. Any trace of laughter and playfulness is gone. 

"We're doing what we should have done right after we finished setting up. The Vale and The World's End are opening its doors to anyone who wishes for a home or a place to find people. I'd be happy if you and your's would come live with us in.....a sort of Commune?"   

Flipping through the map until he finds a small Pub on the edge of South South Zagoria

"The coordinates to our base is.....240 by 7500."

Folding the map back up he then takes a swig of his canteen sitting at his side. 

"Now the roads may be a bit tricky heading up there but if you follow the map you'll get there just fine. I look forward to meeting you there Kaz with Chet and Fae aswell. Remember what you said about the school that was taken hostage? About how a whole lotta folks never even knew it happened. That's us for these big groups. They'd sooner step on us then forget about the little man. But us? We have to stick together in this place. 

He releases the TPP right as he takes out a silver canteen filled with his favorite firebrand whisky. Praying to anyone and anything that his friends are still alive out there. 

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Fae swings her legs off the ledge, rifle in hand and a steady frown on her face. It had become an expression permanently stuck to her otherwise soft features. Unclipping the radio after a small sigh, she pushes the PTT button.

"We are alive.
As far as I go I won't be joining you.
I have everything I need to survive.

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Eddie's hard features turn into an unmistakable glowing smile. At least they're alive and that means he can met them again. Soaking in the air he takes a swig of Brandy before pressing the PTT.

"Fair enough, Fae, fair enough, I'm glad to see you're alive as well." 

A sigh of relief can be heard, welling deep from within his body. 

"Well if you need the services of a well trained and armed Detective you know where to find me. And if this Vale stuff doesn't work out who knows I might be searching for a new place to live." 

Taking one last swig of his Noir stock before he depresses the PTT. 


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*Kazimir would look over the vast river, standing on a cliffside holding a teddy bear in his left hand. He would hear the radio continue to go off and sigh deeply. Putting away the half-torn apart teddy bear, he slumps down and sits on the rocks. He would take out his radio and speak his thick Russian accent.*

"Privet' bratukha. Are you truly under the idea that I would be dead so easily? Niet. I am alive and well, the world hasn't taken that away from me just yet."

*You could hear him take a swig.*

"Ahh... Khorosho poshla. Ahem- I do appreciate the kind gesture, the Vale have made name for themself. However, I must kindly decline your offer. We are friends and I shall see you again, many times, but I won't be living there. I do apologize and I hope you stay safe. Takzhe! Fae! Zatknis tih suksin!"

*Kazimir would giggle to himself.*

"Ahem- I'll see you soon 'Tective. Paka."

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A large beaming smile would show across the 31 year old's face as puts his brandy away. Pressing down the PTT with all the manner of a child looking after their favorite uncle.

"You don't know how good it is to hear your voice Kaz. It really is great to see, well at least hear you again. I'm a giddy as a District Attorney who's got a clear cut case."

He finally relaxes after a long few days of worry. 

 "If anything I may be looking for a place to stay sooner than expected. A place to set up a small kind of detective agency. I've found out that I'm not cut out for the traders life, Milo might be but I'm certainly not."

He presses down the PTT for one last time with a heavy heart.

"Well safe winds and fair travel's my friends. You have my private radio frequency just encase you need a Private Eye. And do say hi to Chet for me I've been missing the Lumberjack."

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