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Server time (UTC): 2020-07-08, 02:11
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S1: Attempted KOS / Bad RP / NVFL - Outside Pushtoshka - 04-27-2019 00:00

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Server and location: S1 / Just outside of Pustoshka

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 04/27/2019 00:00

Your in game name: Roy Hutchinson

Names of allies involved: @Kase @duxpredator @Pinkerton @HeyItsGrimm @Lindse @Tasnik @JohnCrown

Name of suspect/s: Unknown

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events:

We had just got done RPing with some of the funeral parlor folks and were headed elsewhere (I believe to find the Toy Makers). We came up to a road where we were talking to a guy for a few minutes. Another guy walked up (assuming the suspect) and very shortly after I went to sit down to go AFK for a short period. As soon as I went AFK, the second guy we were talking to walked away (as seen in the VOD). Shortly after he leaves my FOV, I am shot and knocked unconscious after not provoking anyone and barely even talking to any of the people involved in the situation. I came back to my computer and was uncon, revived and bandaged. I stayed in the bus stop to heal as the rest of my group looked for the suspect. No one was found.

Edited by RiZStream
Wrong clip, adding NVFL

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Sauce's pov: We met two different random guys south of Pushtoshka around the same time. They didnt appear to be in the same group and after the shooting started it was clear they werent  a group as one hid behind a bus for protection and RP'd with us. The shooter had a sks and talked with us briefly before he said he was going to leave (it was far from the group so not many of us heard it but I did) and then he left. (Some time around here is when @RiZStream went afk). A minuite later I heard shots very close and looked towards the direction and saw gun smoke and the shooter running up the hill. (Maybe 50 meters) I did not hear any kind of inititation but just gunshots. I then hear soon after @RiZStream coming back from afk saying he was unconscious so I went over to provide cover but never saw the shooter again. 

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Hit Logs

01:00:27 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" (pos=<2913.9, 7322.0, 331.7>)[HP: 66] hit by Player "Brutus North" (pos=<2976.3, 7232.8, 336.8>) into Torso(1) for 34 damage (Bullet_762x39) with SK 59/66 from 108.973 meters 
01:00:29 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" (pos=<2913.9, 7322.0, 331.7>)[HP: 32] hit by Player "Brutus North" (pos=<2976.3, 7232.8, 336.8>) into Torso(25) for 34 damage (Bullet_762x39) with SK 59/66 from 108.973 meters 


Kill/Unconscious Logs

01:00:30 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" (pos=<2913.9, 7322.0, 331.8>) is unconscious
01:01:04 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" (pos=<2913.7, 7322.8, 331.7>) regained consciousness


Chat Logs

00:59:19 | Chat("Roy Hutchinson"): //afk 1 min


Connection Logs

20:36:11 | Player "Brutus North" is connected 
02:40:01 | Player "Brutus North" has been disconnected



Calling In


@Craig (Brutus North): POSTED


For his full and detailed PoV and any evidence he might have.

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Roleplayer Craig here, detailed PoV below:

For me, this starts back at Lop Caslte, after taking some people captive (Ryker, Mr. Sauce and John Brown) some people find us, thickening the plot. I'm Roleplaying with the prisoners up top, as my allies are Roleplaying with the soon to be saviours, the twist begins. The men below are told that if they come up, or try to save them, the hostages would be killed. Then men below have demands, not sure what, I was Roleplaying and couldn't quite hear them. A firefight errupts and my two allies fight valiantly before meeting there end, and then I surrender as I have an sks and very low PvP skills, and the fact that I know the rules and to face them and try to keep hostages alive would be NVFL.

The heroes emerge, and I have surendered. Not much Roleplay happens but the heroes hand me off to Ryker. I am now his prisoner and fear the worst, though the unexpected happens and he lets me live. I am told to wait at the castle and to let them leave first. On the way out someone asks me something, along the lines of me getting revenge or trying to find them to kill them, or coming after them again, I'm not sure what exactly, but I tell them that I would be definetely be coming after them again at somepoint (and i did), not in those words, but you get my meaning (Hopefully). So I stay behind, for a bit. Then I leave.

I am running back towards Pushtoshka and I find a man in a firefighter uniform, I recognize him as one of the heroes. I question him and was thinking about ending him, but didn't. Due to his response, that he didn't shoot at anyone and was only there to make sure people had food and water, lies but I didn't want to risk RDM. I knew this man was likely with my previous prisoners, so I used him. I noticed he was heading east back to Pushtoshka, so I went there as well. On the way I found my previous prisoners, in the field, but they notice me also, the main plot of the Report begins. I make it look like I run away south, but I do a loop all the way round to the north, to the north end of Pushtoshka, during this loop I see them go to the cemetery, and then I lose them but most likely figured they went into town. I get eyes on the town, and see that there is many people there, the heroes and my previous prisoners included. Decisions run through my head, should I kill one of them, the heroes or my former prisoners. Yes, I can't let them think that they can get away with their actions, we're Raiders Bitch. I quickly change my clothes and get eyes on them again, I see them running off east then south towards the gas station, I wait a minute before walking up, we are reaching the climax.

They ended up being down beside the broken bus, as you see in the video the man provided. I approach, with my master plan. To kill Ryker for my fallen friends, putting an end to this storyline. I am approached by the man himself, I gave a fake name and put on an accent. (To explain this I would have to go off track into the Lore of my character). We talk briefly and I look around, I see another previous prisoner, John Brown. We didn't like him much. I finish my brief conversation with Ryker, and take my leave to the south east. I setup in the tree line, out of harms way, I scope in. But I don't see Ryker, hes being blocked. I then see the fool John Brown, sitting down. I channel my inner Lee Harvey Oswald, and take him down. Or at least I thought, now I know he survived. After thinking I killed him, I took my leave.

End of my detailed PoV.

One, I never knew he was AFK. I was to busy looking around and thinking what to do. Looking at his video/report, I noticed his name was actually Roy Hutchinson, and he typed that he was going AFK, though I never noticed. Plus in the end its not my fault you decided to go AFK after a gun fight and also in the middle of the road.

Two, NVFL? I lived! And I was also long gone with no chance of you guys finding me, plus from the video, it seems like no one came after me.

BadRP? The RP had finished at the castle. There was no more to be had.

Attempted KoS? I had rights.


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I was unaware of who killed me before the logs were added. We had good RP with the group earlier in the day before the incident.

I'd like to request the report be closed, as I agree that the kill was valid. 

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After some consideration, a team of staff members has decided to honour the request of the OP and close the report.

But I would like to remind everyone that going AFK is at your own risk!


signed: @Samti , @RandyRP  and @Eddie

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