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To Robert and Alex.

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*Jona stands on top of an appartment bloc, overseeing the city beneath him with his binoculars. He lowers them to check on his map, before he smiles and reaches for his radio.*

"Hey Alex and Robert, is Jona. I promised you to give you hint for your quest over radio so here we go. You got one, but two are still missing, eh?"

*He chuckles.*

"The first one is actually in the city where we last met. And no, I dont talk about the three guys on the hill. There is one identical to the one you already found, just ... less buried and hidden. So keep your eyes open or you will start to run in circles. Call me when you have number two, ano? Jona out."

*He lets go of the button and turns around to climb back down.*

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Posted (edited)

*Alex stops in the middle of the forest and grabs his radio*

"Huh... alright. I feel as though I should have noticed it at some point before while walking through the city... well doesn't matter. Thanks for the hint, will let you know when we found it..."

"Stay safe out there"

*He turns his head and says*

"Hey Rob, we have to turn around..."

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*Jona stands completely confused in the middle of the roundabout, looking baffled at the empty spot.*

"Its gone, guys. I cant believe this shit. Someone must have stolen it for fucks sake. Ah well, your quest just got easier I guess. Sorry for the wrong trace. The other one I hope is still in its place. Go to the place where wolves have kalashnikovs and choppers land above the trees. Stay safe and good luck."

*Still shaking his head, Jona returns into the city.*

"They stole a statue ... a fucking statue. Who does that?"

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*arriving just above the city, he stops again and grabs his radio once more*

"It is gone ? What the hell, I guess someone wanted to redesign his backyard. Thanks for the heads-up, could have been a long search otherwise... again... stay safe out there"

*he laughs to himself for a second and turns to Rob again*

"This might sound stupid my friend... but we have to turn around again... I think"


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*sitting next to the oven inside the house they took shelter in he grabs his radio and starts talking*

Hey... It's me again. Took us quiet a while but we managed to find the last statue all the way up north... so I guess we are done with that.

We'll probably head back south at sunrise. I am intrigued to actually see that "stolen" one myself, I assume it has left it's mark so it can't be that hard to find the remains or where it was standing.

Anyways... the forest's along the river west of Vybor don't seem very safe. I'd suggest staying away from there. The area is full of wolves... seen them hunt infected from a distance, multiple packs of them.

Hope you are doing alright and cya soon probably...

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