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To whom it may concern

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John leans against the door of the building, fighting to keep his eyes open. He traveled about 15km today, and is exhausted. He reaches into his pouch, pulls out his radio, and hits his PTT

"My name is John. I am currently up at the Tisy summer camp, if anybody wants to swing by, tell our tales, and drink some vodka."

He pauses briefly

"I suggest you hurry if you want to get some of the vodka, got about a half of a bottle left"

He takes a large swig

"I'll be up here for the next few hours. If you show up and I'm asleep, just wake me up. I'll be more than happy to see another soul."

He releases the PTT, puts the radio back into his pouch, and proceeds to drink and stare into the woods, awaiting for what the next day will bring.

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*Grachi is listening to the radio while he walks. He just shakes his head as he hears the transmission*

"Tovarishch... It's not wise to just radio in your location. And then stay there, waiting for nice people to show up. The world is not a nice place anymore..."

*He opens another bottle of vodka and downs 1/4th of it on one go.*

"I wish you luck, Durak."

*He puts the radio back into the pouch and keeps walking*

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