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A message from Victor Petrov

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Victor sits against the altar, his leg bleeding and his voice sounds weak. A man puts a radio to his mouth and tells him what he should say. Victor starts to speak

"My name is Victor Petrov, current member of Chedaki"

He would stop for a brief second to catch his breath and then continues

"I hereby Coughs denounce the Chedaki and communism.."

"Slava uncle C"

The men remove the radio from his mouth and they release the PTT, they leave Victor's body on the cold floor


- 30 Minutes later -


Victor says goodbye to the people who patched him up and he walks away, he sits down in a house and presses the PTT

"This is Victor Petrov, current member of the Chedaki"

"Bratr's, I am alive, we will get them and we will make Chernarus a better place.."

"Slava Chedaki"

He releases the PTT and sits down on a bed. He feels weak, he slowly closes his eyes and falls to sleep


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Riviaira looks at the radio the man, Victor had given her. She would press down the PTT nervously before speaking to what was hopefully him. She would speak softly and quietly, which would be her 'normal' voice.

"I-If you're the same man from today...
I went to Gorka... 
There are no doctors there...
I'm sorry to hear you hurt..."

A brief pause.

"I heard bad things about Chedaki but...
You don't seem bad...
I was by myself... You had the big gun...
You're not like the other men I've met...
I hope we can see each other again, just so I know you're ok..."

The girl would place down her radio, completely clueless on what Chedaki even was and political stances since her education ended when she had just turned 11.

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The voice of a local could be heard after the click of the PTT

"Victor who? Why are you impersonating the Chedaki?"

"No comrade of mine would surrender while his bratri fought a foreign enemy."

The man would pause as he took a drag of his cigarette

"Certainly, no true Chedaki would denounce the cause to save his own skin."

The burn of a cigarette could be heard while the man inhaled

"Besides, wasn't your last radio broadcast a threat to someone?"

"Is this some kind of strange joke? I'm sure you know how Chedaki handle bad jokes..."

The man would pause and flick his cigarette

"This kind of cowardice would never be acceptable in our ranks."  

The man would take one last drag as he released the PTT

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*Yegor presses the PTT*

You fucking scumbag, next time i see you your not getting off as easy as you did today chedaki scum

You Are a dead man

Slava Uncle Cee

*Releases PTT*

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*Larry would press the PTT*

"Uncle Cee was twice the man you'll ever be, you wasteman."

"Shaking my head right now, on God."

*He'd release the PTT*

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*Rose presses the PTT*

”Victor Petrov, now you understand.”

*Rose releases the PTT*

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