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Reports W/O evidence.

Should Evidence be required for reports  

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Yes +1


It would be good no more clutter reports 

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5 hours ago, Mexi said:

Voted no.

while it may be more convenient people slip up rather frequently in their POV’s and replies. Stories change and evidently their lies unfold.

that and not everyone has the ability to record, even with w decent PC this game still runs like shit in the majority of towns. 

Mexi knows.

There is a big percentage of the no evidence reports where people admit to guilt, or slip up and the truth comes to light. If you ask the right questions at the right times in a report you can reveal what happend in a situation. + logs

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@Kevin hit it on the head, if someone feels a rule has been broken they have the right to report it. Doesnt matter if they have video or not.

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Lots of rule breaks can be solved with server logs alone, like NLR, CL, griefing, AoGM. People should feel to be free to report any situation which they feel was against the rules without any requirements or restrictions imposed.

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Reports don't always need evidence to solve. Its always situational.

Used to be a rule that anyone in a report would post 1 pov and that was it unless called back in to further explain and answer staff questions. That stopped the back and forth before maybe it needs to be reintroduced and any back and forth that occurs gets points.

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