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S1: Stary Sobor - RDM - 20/04/19

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S1: Stary Sobor - RDM

Server and location: S1: Stary Sobor

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 01:30 - 01:40 20/04/19

Your in game name: Boris Novikov

Names of allies involved: @ScarletRose@Onyx@Imation11 @ComradeBandit , @evanthebrue

Name of suspect/s: Unknown 

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Vehicle used in RDM.

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I believe @ScarletRose or  @Onyx have video evidence.

Detailed description of the events/My Point of view: 

Was having fun with good RP with fellow community members I met randomly on the road. As we entered the town of Stary Sobor, we stopped by the church in the town and minutes after, a car appears with 2 ppl inside of it. They say hello while approaching us and suddenly increased the speed and drove me over, and apparently tried to escape the scene afterwards. My character died in this incident, (and it totally ruined the game session as well as I lost all my gear 😞 )  but worth noting is that more people would have been killed by the driver if they did not react super fast, because the driver drove straight in to our group... My reaction was a second too late unfortunately.

I believe this is intentional as they seemed to increased their speed when they saw us on their approach and drove straight in to our group as if they were aiming for us. If it would not be intentional, the driver still is responsible for ruining the whole game session for us all with unintentional griefing or whatever it would be called 🙂

The reason why I file this report 4 days later is because I have been too busy with work.

Edited by Lungan

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I was in Stary Sobor RPing with a number of people when I hear a car approach. I call ‘look out’ as a warning and we move off the road. The car slows down on approach to the junction. Someone in the vehicle says ‘hello boys’ acknowledging the people present and then swerves straight off the road into the crowd of people. The driver involved may claim it accidental due to lag but it was reckless driving at best and a clear RDM. Multiple people had to run out of the way of the oncoming vehicle to avoid death.

I understand that accidents happen. However the driver did not appear to make any attempt to break or stop. Instead, the vehicle then sped up in an attempt to flee the scene. There is no way that they could not have known what they did in my opinion. They crashed the car up the road and ran away.

Had he immediately got out of the vehicle and apologised IC or OOC, this would not need to be a report. The person responsible could also have gone to helpdesk and ascertained the name of the person if this was indeed an accident.

It is because of this behaviour and the fact that there are no vehicle kill logs that lead me to believe that this may have been a deliberate act.


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Was in stary sobor just Role Playing with a bunch of people when I hear alyssa yell “look out”, then I heard the car and ran behind the barrier just to be sure and keep myself safe. I see the car coming down the road to which I heard someone from the car say “hello boys” just as I thought he was turn left they suddenly change direction and drive straight into the crowd, killing boris. They then kept driving up the road where they crashed into a light post. We start having to shoot the infected and after check on boris. As I start to jog towards the people who have at this point got out of the car, they run off towards Kabanino. We lose sight of them shortly after. 


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Hit Logs

01:39:40 | Player "Boris Novikov" hit by CivilianSedan with TransportHit

Kill Logs

01:39:40 | Player "Boris Novikov" killed by CivilianSedan

Position Logs

01:39:26 | Player "Boris Novikov" (<pos=<6054.2, 7783, 301.0>)

01:19:23 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" (<pos=<7095.7, 7339.5, 263.6>)
01:24:24 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" (<pos=<7080.5, 6740.5, 267.4>)
01:29:24 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" (<pos=<7462.7, 5374.2, 243.8>)
01:34:25 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" (<pos=<6072.6, 6587.2, 328.8>)
01:39:26 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" (<pos=<6021.5, 7704.7, 303.1>)
01:44:27 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" (<pos=<5426.7, 8700.1, 331.3>)
01:49:29 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" (<pos=<5524.9, 9576.2, 324.7>)
01:54:30 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" (<pos=<5295.7, 9799.4, 337.2>)

01:19:23 | Player "Ctac Gavrelyk" (<pos=<7086.2, 7330.6, 262.8>)
01:24:24 | Player "Ctac Gavrelyk" (<pos=<7081.4, 6740.4, 267.4>)
01:29:24 | Player "Ctac Gavrelyk" (<pos=<7462.4, 5373.4, 243.8>)
01:34:25 | Player "Ctac Gavrelyk" (<pos=<6072.1, 6586.5, 328.8>)
01:39:26 | Player "Ctac Gavrelyk" (<pos=<6020.8, 7705.2, 303.2>)
01:44:27 | Player "Ctac Gavrelyk" (<pos=<5425.3, 8692.7, 331.0>)
01:49:29 | Player "Ctac Gavrelyk" (<pos=<5522.7, 9576.2, 325.0>)
01:54:30 | Player "Ctac Gavrelyk" (<pos=<5311.4, 9804.0, 336.9>)

Connection Logs

00:58:55 | Player "Boris Novikov" is connected 
03:16:35 | Player "Boris Novikov" has been disconnected

23:50:00 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" is connected 
04:35:52 | Player "Roy Hutchinson" has been disconnected

00:57:05 | Player "Ctac Gavrelyk" is connected 
04:18:56 | Player "Ctac Gavrelyk" has been disconnected

23:50:08 | Player "Alyssa Black" is connected 
03:02:51 | Player "Alyssa Black" has been disconnected

23:52:27 | Player "Brody Graham" is connected 
03:39:42 | Player "Brody Graham" has been disconnected

00:18:57 | Player "Kevin Shock" is connected 
01:50:23 | Player "Kevin Shock" has been disconnected

23:50:37 | Player "Nikolai Chaletsky" is connected 
03:44:03 | Player "Nikolai Chaletsky" has been disconnected

23:49:41 | Player "Jackson Allen" is connected 
02:52:31 | Player "Jackson Allen" has been disconnected

Calling in:

@RiZStream and @Tasnik for their full and detailed PoV, please provide any unedited video evidence you might regarding this situation. Please also tell us which one of you was driving the vehicle at the time of the incident. Also calling in @Onyx, @ComradeBandit and @evanthebrue.

@Lungan- Boris Novikov | POSTED
@ScarletRose - Alyssa Black | POSTED
@Onyx - Brody Graham |
@Imation11 - Kevin Shock | POSTED
@ComradeBandit - Nikolai Chaletsky |
@evanthebrue - Jackson Allen |

@RiZStream - Roy Hutchinson |
@Tasnik - Ctac Gavrelyk |

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Hutch's POV: I was the passenger in the car at the time with @Tasnik. We were coming down to the T in the road and saw all of you guys standing there, which actually kind of startled me. I said "Hello, boys!" right before the accident happened. I thought perhaps we were going to stop, but the car continued forward then swerved slightly right into one of you. I don't have much experience at all in a car in DayZ (this was my second time, first time I was sent to the moon by myself) but I know that they are unstable. I don't know if it was something to do with uneven ground, poor controls or server lag (I don't think hitting the person was lag, but the crash at the end certainly was) but this was 100% accidental. We are both very sorry for what happened there. I admit, I did laugh a lot as a result of it (out of character) but I did feel bad that @Lungan was ran over. As you can see from the VOD below through our radio comms, @Tasnikfelt really bad for what happened and admits it was completely accidental.

@Lungan  (and to the rest of the group for that matter) I'm sorry for your death, and sorry for accidentally ruining your RP for the day. I'm staying away from cars completely from now on.

Here is the video:


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Brody Graham POV: So myself, Scarlet, Imation, Bandit and Evan are chilling in Stary and rolling with Lungan for about 5 minutes or so. We hear a car coming and we then move onto the sidewalk to try and give him a bit of room to manuever around the burned out truck. He then almost hits it and turns right intous, killing one and very well nearly taking out the rest of us, before trying to drive off but crashing, after which they book it up the road, while we're all left stunned at what just happened.


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Ctac's POV: After two hours of finishing up the car me and Hutche were on our way to pick up another friend. I was the one driving. As you can see in my video the car was boosting and slowing down randomly due to lag. After I arrived at the T cross section seeing the group of people I slowed down and turned to the left. In this moment I drove over the pavement and the car became all jumpy, this is where I slowly turned right again to not crash into the wrack, since the engine was on low health anyway. In that moment then I lost the control over the car and the boost lag kicked in, driving @Lungan over. I then started panicking OOCly and ICly and tried to get away without driving anyone else over, since two of the guys in green had their guns ready in their hands I suspected that they will open fire. Shortly after I drove away from the group my screen froze for 2 seconds and I heard shots and instantly after that my car was ruined. Back then I thought that my car got shot at, thats why I exited it quickly and just ran.

I am very sorry for that car accident and I apologize for the lost RP and gear I have caused towards @Lungan and others.


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@ComradeBandit and @evanthebrue will be temp banned for failing to post their PoV. Failure to do so in 24 hours will result in the report continuing and they will have to make a ban appeal if they wish to continue playing here.

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Jackson's POV:

I was walking with this group of people into Stary when my game started lagging really badly. We see this car, and on my screen it was very jumpy. It randomly kept accelerating and decelerating. Suddenly it jumps towards us and most of us manage to get out of the way except for Boris. Then the car keeps driving, crashes into a brick wall, and both passengers get out and run. We try to chase them down but couldn't find them.

Sorry for not responding sooner, for some reason I wasn't sent a notification about this.

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Thank you evan, your temp ban has been removed.

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My POV: I was walking around with a rest when all of a sudden car appeared. I thought everything is gonna be fine and they are just gonna pass by but o boy was i wrong. As a car just got close to us and we sorta make way for it to pass it just turned right rolling over the random guy who was with us. Then i had a hard time jumping away from still advancing vehicle. After that vehicle just keept driving, crashed into near wall and started smoking... Guy got out and ran so we chased him from Stary Sobor to Kabanino where we lost him... And i suppose thats it...

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Thank you Comrade, your temp ban has been removed.

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@RiZStream - Kill On Sight (Not Guilty)

@Tasnik - Kill on Sight (Guilty)



@RiZStream and @Tasnik were arriving in Stary Sobor in their brand new car when they spotted a crowd next to the church. While @RiZStream was attempting to greet the folks around the car, @Tasnik allegedly lost control of the vehicle and ran @Lungan over; as he attempts to flee the scene, he nearly drives over someone else and then crashes into a pole. @RiZStream exits the car to try and talk about the situation with the rest of the crowd while @Tasnik runs away.



@Tasnik while it appears you did lose control of your vehicle when entering town, it doesn't excuse the fact that you ran someone over and then bailed, offering no roleplay nor apologies. Since there was no initiation and no roleplay of any kind, this invalid kill will be ruled as in invalid kill - KoS. Please be careful in the future and remember that cars in DayZ are about as stable as a one-legged stool.

@RiZStream - Kill On Sight (Not Guilty) - No action taken.

@Tasnik - Kill on Sight (Guilty) - 7 day ban, 10 warning points.

Signed by: @Pontiff & @Samti

Should you disagree with this verdict, you are welcome to file an appeal here.

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