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Blake & Bellamy

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*Emma paces up and down the cabin. She takes out radio unsure on how it really works.  She pushes the button on the side and takes a deep breath before speaking.*


''Blake, Bellamy it's me, Emma.....If you can hear this please respond. I wanted to see that you were safe after the trouble we had the other day. I headed out for a day this little shack was driving me mad. but I came back, but there was no sign of you both. 


''I hope Bellamy has been behaving''  *she laughs*

''please respond if you here this I will stay in this area where we were last together, would be good to see you after all the help you gave me that awful day'' 

*2 gunshots are heard close and a loud bang*


*transmission goes dead*


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 The night was dark, and the wind was harsh. Rain poured from the sky angrily, accompanied by the fierce roaring of thunder so loud it shook the bones.

Enveloped in the foggy darkness, three men sat around a campfire inside of an abandoned warehouse. Parked just next to them a sedan, which one of the men used as a support to lean back on, his hands fiddled with a radio, turning the nob slowly through different channels, each time only to be met with the soft whispers of static. The men were quiet and solemn, resolved to the emptiness that surrounded them. 

Thunder cracked once more, just as the man turned the nob again, and almost as if in response, a woman's voice could be heard through the static for only a few moments.

"I hope Bellamy has been behaving..." static "Would be good to see you after all the help you gave me that awful day.."

Two gun shots rang out, before everything was once again swallowed by static, the man raised the radio towards his mouth, speaking into it clearly.

"Emma? Emma?! It's Bellamy.." static "..Near Kamyshovo.. We can come get you, or you come to us.." 

The three men looked at each other for a moment over the dim glow of the dying fire, before getting up without a word, and beginning to pack their things.

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*Emma hears the voice she recognized and she hides the radio in her backpack and makes her way through woods escaping the shots. until she finds a safer spot she takes out the radio and pushes the PTT sounding cold and panicked* 

Bellamy!.... is that you? oh my god thank god you are ok! I have no idea where this Kamy...shov... o is!

she pauses for a moment on what to say next. 

''I'm sorry I troubled you, you do not have to come and get me. I will try and find this place. 

Emma wipes died up blood from her forehead and heads out to find someone for directions to kamyshovo. 

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*A broken message translates through Blake's radio*

"Bellamy!.... is that y-"

*Blake hurries to turn the volume up on the receiver*

"I'm sorry I tr-...you do not have to com..I will try and find this pl-.."

*The radio goes silent for a moment before Blake transmits a message*

"Emma, this is Blake. If you can hear this please try to change your handheld radio frequency to 87.8.  We will be checking for a reply on that frequency! I repeat 8-7-point 8."

*Blake turns the radio off and turns to Bellamy in the car*

"Bellamy, we need to turn the car back around and wait for her "

*Blake puts his head in his hands and speaks through his fingers*

I tried to get through to her and told her to change her frequency to 87.8 but I don't know if she got it, the radio sounded rough and I barely caught what she was saying"

*Bellamy turns the car around and hands Blake some vodka from the center console...

Blake takes a drink as he stares out the window, watching individual rain drops slide down the glass*


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