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S1 Kabanino - BadRP/Combat Logging - 23:00 - 23:30

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Server and location: S1: Kabanino - BadRP/Combat Logging

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 23:00 - 23:30

Your in game name: Scott Anderson

Names of allies involved: @ScarletRose @Imation11

Name of suspect/s: @Conor Kodak @Tyrone Boone @wirpy @Krisp @kotito

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I have video evidence I will upload soon and further evidence that is for fellow staff eyes only. Scarlet also has video evidence which can be found below:



Detailed description of the events: To make it short, myself, Scarlet and Imation meet these guys in Kabanino. RP flows well, and everybody is having fun, however they eventually decide to take us hostage, and thus escort us to the woods above Kabanino. On the way there, there is complete disorganisation and chaos. I have to ask several times that only one of them speaks, because we were getting mixed signals about what to do, who to follow and who to listen to the entire time due to them constantly speaking over each other. After several minutes of disorganisation, and trying to make us sing, and in general a lack of engaging RP, we arrive in the woods.

The lack of RP continues further here, and I have to yet again ask that only one of them talk at a time, and takes Scarlet having to type OOC to get them to stop messing around. I found it hard to even RP due to how memey their behaviour was, compounded by how much they were all talking at the same time. We also have reason to believe one of them combat logged on top of all this.

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Your in game name: Kris Phin

Names of allies involved: @wirpy @Conor Kodak @Tyrone Boone @kotito

My POV and reasoning for everything is below:



Good evening, I just wanted to talk about the things you pointed out and help clarify what was going on.

1: The reason there is disorganization and chaos, is because we don't like to use discord for our Roleplay, its much better to actually use your in game voice to your friends rather than just speak over discord. The group of us, have extremely unique background, and the initiation and storyline from the server, has changed all our character drastically, and not for the better, which is why you see the few of us going back and forth with each other, even pointing guns and shouting at each other, we're all extremely unstable people who have suffered the consequences from either other players, or the elements of nature, like temperature, and wildlife.  We love to use actual in game voice rather  than go the  "Radio" route because it gives us as a group of survivors, more dialogue to everyone, and also helps us develop our character relationships to other friends, in game. I wouldn't go as far to say our disorganization is a contender for BadRP

2: In the video, when you guys started to type OOC about Bad RP, I stated their characters are genuinely like that. (29:50)  The Reason I say this, is because as  time moves on within the world, players will have unique and constructive dialogue with other players, good or bad, and it will change their character for either the good or worse, I actually believe Tyrone and everyone else's characters are just wackos and that's how they are. Kodak confirmed their character behaviors also OOC at the time I stamped above. Kris has also been living in the woods for the passed 16 weeks, and this is one of his first encounters in a long time, so he is extremely off putting and socially awkward. 

3: The Singing. Kris's character is extremely patriotic, and also extremely holding dear to religion, he also holds Irish heritage which is why I wanted you guys to sing two songs, The National Anthem, and Amazing Grace. While being overseas away from the United States, Kris developed a hatred for what he saw as foreigners, and grew to dislike most of those who weren't American like him. I Rp'ed this route to in a sense, humiliate the three of you, not as "Bad RP" more confirmation to prove Kris's bias, at 20:23, when I demanded to hear the National Anthem, the response of "Im British" was followed up by "Fucking Redcoat". At 20:26 the conversation is transferred over to the topic of Irish enslavement, and the worsening of the potato famine, mainly because @Conor Kodak is Irish and Kris and him have spoken about their hatred for countries like The United Kingdom, and Eastern European nations, and how they have distaste for their country history, and their political affiliations in the passed.

4: If you have any evidence of anyone combat logging, we would love to see that, because after I and @wirpy left after we scarred Scarlet, that was done. I can tell you, after we scarred you, we split into two groups, I and wirpy wanted to circle around the North east, and we ended up in Grishino about an hour and a half later, we set up a campfire and "Went to sleep" for more immersive RP, way after the time you are accusing us. Conor and Tyrone, split and went North West, saying we would meet again the next day, and lay low from what has happened.

We didn't want to offend you guys in thinking this was a shit RP, I am a bit rusty in terms of how to interact, and at the same time character development has changed how we interact with the other players in general, if you have any tips for us/me personally I would love to hear them you guys and I would take it as constructive criticism *While taking into account our characters are extremely unstable and aren't normalized like a lot of other characters*. If you wanna dispute anything I said above, that's cool too, im open for us to act like adults here and talk maturely.

V/R Kris

Edited by Krisp

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Kris forgot to mention but I've got around 8 mins of footage of me, him and Conor after we left. If that's anytihng interesting. 

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Alyssa Black POV:

We were RPing with a group of guys in Kabanino when a man named Chris confronts me about a situation the other day. I had in fact held up a guy named Chris a few days back and presumed that it must have been him, so I rp that out, telling him that I didn’t hurt him or steal anything. He agreed to put it behind us. They then drop an initiation a while later which started with an incorrect use of // instead of ** to put a gun to my back. Shortly after the initiation, a few people are laughing hysterically and generally not taking the situation seriously. We are given conflicting commands. We continue to try and RP while they lead us into the woods trying to make us sing songs and talking about random nonsense not at all appropriate to the situation. 

Once in the woods, they restrain us and I ask that once they finish searching us, that they rp us being tied up instead in case of crashes which they agree. However, they clearly did not understand the concept and repeatedly told us to put our hands up despite being told again OOC that we were tied and I ended up just complying to avoid being shot.  

They give us multiple reasons for why they are taking us, most of which are completely fabricated. Their reasons vary from wanting automatic guns, which only Imation had, to me being with the bunny girl, to me being hostile with Kris, to me being some sharpshooter (that one is really made up lol). The situation was badly managed, with so many people talking at once and giving conflicting commands and reasons.

The video will show evidence of all the bad RP, like one person making exaggerated gulping noises while drinking, comments like “We are all virgins, we have plenty of time.”. They steal Imation’s shirt off his back while making comments about homosexuality and loving dick and using the word faggot. At this point, I went OOC to say ‘//please can you be a bit more serious about this RP’ because it was completely unenjoyable, disorganised and trolly.

Things do not improve and they make a scene about swapping pants with Imation. I have lost count at this point how many times I have put one hand up, both hands up, hands down, hands back up, sat down, stood up... They then let Onyx and Imation go and keep me for some reason. They have already had us hostage for about 20 minutes at this point.

The guy called Kris takes me away and we have a conversation where I realise it was not even the same Chris that I held up. My previous encounter with him was that I was travelling with him a few days back and I ran into someone I knew. He asked to speak to me privately and I gave him a gun. I also reloaded my pistol and I assume that Kris saw this and fled. We chased him a bit to ask him why he was running but we never caught him.

I agree to a scar which again is handled poorly, with // used instead of **. Everyone continues to talk at once. They spot people in the distance and decide to keep me for even longer. The situation lasted about half an hour which was completely unnecessary considering the RP provided.

At one point, someone says that they are leaving to buy bread to which I tell them that they need permission to log. Permission was not requested or granted, so logs will show if he combat logged.

The videos contain all the evidence in my opinion (please excuse the sound of my fish tank). Staff can kindly let me know if you require further details.

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Hit Logs:

23:23:17 | Player "Alyssa Black" hit by Player "Kris Phin" with Combat Knife


Chat Logs:

22:54:38 | Chat("Tyrone Boone"): //GRABS THE GIRL AND PUTS THE M4 TO HER BACK
22:59:50 | Chat("Tyrone Boone"): //takes all kind of communication frokm the doctor and the girl
22:59:56 | Chat("Tyrone Boone"): //do i find anything
23:00:00 | Chat("Scott Anderson"): //You find a radio.
23:00:20 | Chat("Scott Anderson"): //It's just  a discord call. no physical radio
23:00:26 | Chat("Kevin Shock"): //yes
23:06:13 | Chat("Alyssa Black"): //please can you search us and then emote being cuffed because we will die if we crash
23:06:18 | Chat("Scott Anderson"): //^
23:06:22 | Chat("Tyrone Boone"): //OK OK
23:06:25 | Chat("Kris Phin"): //Yea ofc
23:06:30 | Chat("Tyrone Boone"):  /
23:06:33 | Chat("Alyssa Black"): //thank you
23:06:41 | Chat("Kevin Shock"): //thanks
23:06:55 | Chat("Tyrone Boone"): //BREAK OUT
23:07:18 | Chat("Alyssa Black"): //we are rp tied up
23:07:37 | Chat("Scott Anderson"): //I am rping being restrained.
23:08:15 | Chat("Kris Phin"): //Yea no worries
23:12:54 | Chat("Alyssa Black"): //please can you be a bit more serious about this RP
23:13:05 | Chat("Kevin Shock"): //this is poor
23:13:14 | Chat("Kris Phin"): //I legit think thats their character personality, they've been like that
23:13:17 | Chat("Scott Anderson"): //Just stop OOC guys, please.
23:13:38 | Chat("Connor Kodak"): //kris is right
23:21:07 | Chat("Kris Phin"): //Permission to scar
23:21:12 | Chat("Alyssa Black"): //where?
23:21:23 | Chat("Kris Phin"): //On your calf
23:21:33 | Chat("joseph joestar"): //i have to go, i going to buy some bread in 5 min more
23:21:39 | Chat("Alyssa Black"): //what kind of scar?
23:22:05 | Chat("Kris Phin"): //Its gonna be a K
23:22:09 | Chat("Alyssa Black"): //you need perms to log or wait half an hour
23:22:21 | Chat("joseph joestar"): //oki
23:22:30 | Chat("Alyssa Black"): //can scar a small k on her calf
23:22:34 | Chat("Kris Phin"): //Lit
23:22:53 | Chat("Kris Phin"): //Lifts up leg
23:22:59 | Chat("Kris Phin"): //Pant leg*
23:23:01 | Chat("Alyssa Black"):  *She tries to kick him.*
23:23:15 | Chat("Kris Phin"): //Scars a K on her right calf
23:25:53 | Chat("Tyrone Boone"): //guys shhh
23:29:50 | Chat("Tyrone Boone"): //looks at radio and tries to find out
23:29:53 | Chat("Tyrone Boone"): //where they are
23:32:25 | Chat("Alyssa Black"): //timestamp
23:33:28 | Chat("Scott Anderson"): //unmute on discord
23:39:10 | Chat("Tyrone Boone"): //add me on the forums
23:39:14 | Chat("Tyrone Boone"): //Tyrone Boone
23:39:15 | Chat("Kris Phin"): //Sure man
23:39:19 | Chat("Kris Phin"): //Took a screen
23:39:19 | Chat("Tyrone Boone"): //we can run this shit tmmr
23:39:23 | Chat("Tyrone Boone"): //ok bet
23:39:24 | Chat("Harald Kruth"): //ye mate
23:39:25 | Chat("Kris Phin"): //:)
23:40:07 | Chat("Scott Anderson"): //You're cutting out quite a lot btw
23:40:27 | Chat("Scott Anderson"): //Christ, understandable
23:50:32 | Chat("Kris Phin"): //So if you dont take a radio, they can use discord


Connection Logs:

21:49:41 | Player "Scott Anderson" is connected
02:10:58 | Player "Scott Anderson" has been disconnected

21:31:57 | Player "Alyssa Black" is connected
00:43:30 | Player "Alyssa Black" has been disconnected
00:43:45 | Player "Alyssa Black" is connected
00:50:33 | Player "Alyssa Black" has been disconnected
00:52:09 | Player "Alyssa Black" is connected
03:28:36 | Player "Alyssa Black" has been disconnected

22:36:25 | Player "Kevin Shock" is connected
01:10:44 | Player "Kevin Shock" has been disconnected

21:37:50 | Player "Connor Kodak" is connected
23:53:42 | Player "Connor Kodak" has been disconnected

21:33:01 | Player "Tyrone Boone" is connected
23:40:03 | Player "Tyrone Boone" has been disconnected

21:32:24 | Player "Harald Kruth" is connected
00:34:31 | Player "Harald Kruth" has been disconnected

21:33:16 | Player "Kris Phin" is connected
00:34:37 | Player "Kris Phin" has been disconnected

21:59:29 | Player "joseph joestar" is connected
23:31:52 | Player "joseph joestar" has been disconnected
00:12:17 | Player "joseph joestar" is connected
00:47:17 | Player "joseph joestar" has been disconnected


Calling in:

@Onyx - Scott  Anderson | POSTED

@ScarletRose - Alyssa Black | POSTED

@Imation11 - Kevin Shock | POSTED

@Conor Kodak - Connor Kodak

@Tyrone Boone - Tyrone Boone

@wirpy - Harald Kruth | POSTED

@Krisp - Kris Phin | POSTED

@kotito - joseph joestar | POSTED

For their full detailed POV. Along with any other evidence that they may have of the situation. Please also list all of your allies.

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Kevin Shock POV

we was role playing with the gentlemen in question and everything was going good. The role play was great and the conversations where going smoothly. Even Alyssa and one of the guys had a talk about a problem that happened the other day but seem to have come to an agreement. Just as we was about to set off one of the men initiation on Alyssa out of know where and it was all very confusing, I placed my weapon on my back and of the men tried to handcuff me but ended up handcuffing himself. As they was taking us off to the woods, there was irrational laughter, multiple reasons why they initiated on us and just constant talking over each other, which made it difficult to follow directions and commands.

once in the woods it was the role play didn’t improve with more talking over each other and still confussing in why this is all happening. Then to be told they wanted my gun which is fine, then they wanted my backpack, then my shirt which left me topless and then there was talk about my pants. I might of jumped the gun and handed my pants over as it was at that point I just had enough and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible so for that I apologise, it was just difficult to take it seriously with all that was happening and how they was acting. 

After I was striped of most of my things me and Scott was taken away to be let go. One of the guys handed me back my unloaded gun and I ran off to the airfield. 

I enjoy getting robbed and held hostage as anything unique and interesting could come from it and can affect your character. With this tho it will not have any affect on my character and just want to forget it ever happened. If you are new I do hope that you learn from this and can plan ahead abit better in the future. The RP at first was great and I enjoyed being in your company but soon as you taken us hostage you just slipped into this ( no offence) childish sort of RP and people will not take you seriously when you act like that. I would be happy to jump into discord or whatever at some point and maybe give you advise on what you can do better. 

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In-game name: Harald ‘’Taran’’ Kruth

Name of allies involved: @Tyrone Boone, @kotito @Conor Kodak, @Krisp


At the point of this incident the only person IC I had known for a while is Kris since our characters are friends. Other than that it was my first time meeting all the others before the hostage situation happened. I had joined up with Kris at the road from Kabanino towards Stary where he was travelling with Tyrone and Connor while I was travelling with Joe who I had just met in Kabanino. After talking for a while and me and Kris having a reunion moment after not seeing each other for a long time IC, the group went back to Kabanino due to me encountering a bandit on my way to meet Kris. (I’ve got video of when I meet the bandit and a supposed victim of his.)

During our reunion, Kris also mentioned to me how he had meet Tyrone and Connor and he explained that they’re pretty crazy and unpredictable. But he found them nice and that they were good company.My IC first impression of Tyrone and Connor was nothing usual really except what Kris told me, I found them to be nice people due to their friendly approach and Tyrone handing me a M4 Magazine.

That in my opinion explains the disorganization which I think adds to rp and makes sense since all of us have recently tagged along with each other and haven’t known each other for that long (expect me and kris). And since we have a preference for using solely in-game voice chat for realism it adds yet another layer to the disorganization since we have to talk about all our decisions in-game for all to hear.When we approached Kabanino, Kris informed me about how he had met Alyssa earlier. A couple days ago she and her friend had charged Kris with guns thinking he was going to get killed he fled. After the incident Kris explained how he was cautious about her and wanted to enact revenge.

Kris explained to everyone how dangerous she was so other members involved were paranoid especially Tyrone as seen in the footage was extremely unease.Throughout the video you can see that I did not speak much since I tried to be passive but also so that Tyrone who was leading the kidnapping could be heard and give out more precise instructions without getting interrupted. I didn’t feel that we were screaming over each other.

To address the vulgarity to everyone concerning inappropriate words like faggot and virgin, most of our characters have experienced extreme negative or dire consequences to our characters development. Changing our behaviour accordingly to what we have experienced is true to our dialog. For example Connor told us his family had a abusive father or how Kris has been isolated from civilization for a long while.

I don’t think it's a fair point to say our rp was bad due to the disorganization, my IC personally hasn’t been part of a kidnapping on the kidnapping side neither might any of the others do hence why they would handle the situation poorly due to being inexperienced in those type of activities.


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@Conor Kodak @Tyrone Boone and @kotito will be temp banned for failing to provide their PoVs. Failure to do so in 24 hours will result in the report continuing without them and they will have to appeal if they wish to play here again.

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joseph joestar Pov:

at the time of the incident it was the first time that I conciated my allies involved so it was expected that everything would be disorganized, during the event try to be mainly the one that contains the others to avoid that they kill someone since it is part of the personality of my character, later I warned by the chat that I had to go buy bread because soon I had to go to dinner and it was granted by Kris Phin.
At some point something happened in my house (which I can not disclose for personal reasons) and I had to disconnect to redress the situation, dine and as soon as I could I reconnected

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Thank you kirito, your temp ban has been removed

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@Conor Kodak - Will Remain Temp Banned

@Tyrone Boone - Will Remain Temp Banned

@wirpy - BadRP | Not Guilty

@Krisp - BadRP | Not Guilty

@kotito - BadRP | Not Guilty || Combat Log | Guilty


To shortly summarize the situation. @Onyx & @ScarletRose run into a group of people near Kab. They are roleplaying for a little bit when they are initiated on and then escorted to the woods. On the way to the woods people were talking over each and then the hostages were asked to sign before they reached the woods. Once they reached the woods they are searched and the roleplay continues, until a few of them are let free while they take @ScarletRose to give her a scar. Where they start to move her again because they start to see people moving around the area, until they get to a new patch of trees and let her go.

I will first address the BadRP that is in question. The Staff Team have reviewed this report and have come to the conclusion that the roleplay provided was in fact not BadRP. Now there might have been some confusion with everyone talking over each other but the roleplay was still there even though it was all over the place because each character has a different personality and act differently as shown. The roleplay given was very specific to how their characters act and how they want them to be portrayed.

Moving onto the Combat Log. @kotito you logged out prior to your 30min combat timer. In chat you can been seen saying that you need to go. Someone state that you need perms to log out and you acknowledge that. You still proceeded to log out without permission. Therefore you will be punished for Combat Log.

Rules that support this verdict:

  • 3.2 Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival.
  • 4.5 Combat logging is leaving the server during or shortly after a hostile situation or when your character is still involved in active role play. After a hostile action has occurred where you were involved, you may only log out from the game after a minimum of 30 minutes have passed since you broke the line of sight with others involved in that situation. This rule can be ignored if the other players give you OK to log out earlier.

Before I close out I would like to make a few suggestions. When it comes to taking hostages and initiating on others, please make sure that you demands and commands that are being given to the hostages are clear and concise. This will help with the confusion that the hostages might have. Next, when you are apart of a hostile action and take part, you need to make sure that you wait your combat timer after the situation or you get permission OOC to log out early. When it comes to OOC chat it is not supposed to be used shift the roleplay a different direction, therefore affecting how the roleplay is. Please keep that in mind with using OOC chat. 


@Conor Kodak - Will Remain Temp Banned | Will have to create an appeal

@Tyrone Boone - Will Remain Temp Banned | Will have to create an appeal

@wirpy - BadRP | Not Guilty

@Krisp - BadRP | Not Guilty

@kotito - BadRP | Not Guilty || Combat Log | Guilty - 3 Day Ban & 10 Warning Points

Signed by: @BrianM & @RandyRP w/ Notes

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