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For the little girl (Private Freq)

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*The light sound of rain would be heard, he was sitting in a small house, on a bed. He would press the PTT*

"Little girl, I didn't think this is how it would go, but I doubt you where the one that instigated this. What did they think of what happened? Did they like the little changes I made? I mean of course they  would they came to hunt me straight after."

*he would pause looking and the multiple bullet wounds on his body. He would look down to chaos who would be sitting on his lap*

"Did you beg them not to go or did you want them too? Do you know what happened? Your favourite bunny got hurt. We did warn you didn't we but they had to get revenge right. I mean we didn't chase after all of you did we. No. I mean we should have looking at the state you left me in."

*He would look down to where the bunny would be and back up to the window of the small house*

"I feel cold, I didn't think it would end up like this, not after I gave you the honer of becoming 162."

*He would begin to shake*

"What if I just finish this little bunny now, its causing me more trouble then I thought it would. I though you would just be a good little plaything like you said you would. Maybe you need some more correction who knows. Only time will tell. I know you will come running."

*He would put the radio next to the bunny on his lap, trying to calm himself down*

"Chaos is waiting, and i'm sure we can come to an arrangement of when we can meet next"

*He would cut of the ptt after a small pause, going back to his previous thoughts, and the new men that sit by him.*

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*Emma clenches her fist as she hears her radio before she quickly presses down the PTT*

"Don't hurt Chaos!"

*She takes a deep breath, trying to calm herself*

"I beg you.. Just let me have him back.. I can give you guns or whatever you want.. Please.."

*She drops down to her knees, crying as she releases the PTT*

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*he presses the PTT, smiling, taking a deep breath*

"Guns would be nice, don't want any more bullet wounds now do we."

*he would pause for a moment.*

"You can have him back, after your men hurt him I don't have the time to take care of him... You seem distressed as well and I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself now. So I have given you the riddle. Enjoy and don't take to long or ill tell the rest of the people it too."

*he would laugh down the radio, quite pleased with himself, maybe this was all worth it he thought*

"theirs a little note with him too, we will be in touch very soon"

*Releasing the PTT letting out a small laugh before turning his radio off*

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Victor knows he shouldnt use his radio but he decides to press the PTT anyway

"Very brave man arent you.."

He releases the PTT for a second and sighs

"Emma, I will find this man and make sure Chaos is safe.."

"I fucking hate bully's"

"Slava Chedaki"

He releases the PTT and stands up

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