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groovy kase

Public Frequency (To the Dead Batteries)

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Kase stares out over the ridge as Spencer holds the radio up to Kase's masked features.

"To the men at Altar Radio, Comfort dealers. I have a counter offer towards the one you made one of my men....If your men Sebastian and Vlad are not killed in one week, I will come back to your place with more men than the last time we attacked and we will burn it to it's very foundation. You will be stripped down to nothing, your labs will be torched and your supplies as well."

Kase gave Spencer a nod for a moment before gesturing him to hold the PTT once more.

"All of you will die, you can laugh all you want at my threats. Just know my threats are very real, Sebastian's right leg being witness to my threats. You get 7 days. If you try to attack any of my friends or people within that week without doing what is asked of you, the timer is ended and we will proceed accordingly. Make your decision, my Second has made his."

"Cloí leis an Alfa Mac Tíre."

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Rhett grimaces as he holds one hand to his stomach wound, and presses his PTT

"Cloí leis an Alfa Mac Tíre."

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Grimm presses down the PTT on his radio

"Cloí leis an Alfa Mac Tíre. Remember boys, a wolf backed into a corner comes out biting. Happy hunting"

He releases the PTT on his radio while laughing to himself

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Hutch clutches to his radio, activating the PTT. 

"Cloí leis an Alfa Mac Tíre. Make the smart choice."

The radio goes silent.

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*Yegor would press the radio*

Man those are some big words fella, why ya gotta threaten our good old chernarussian comfort dealers?

To the folks this man is targeting, if your the same people i've met in Novaya and other places around the country i have nothing but good past experiences with you folks, these idiots on the other hand not so much, you guys need some help killing these fools, let me know.

*Releases PTT*

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*Nivek would hear the transmission from his deep sleep after slaughtering 4 men and decides to respond*

Come to Altar and suck my dick.

From yours truly, Kevin Motherfucking Nivek.

P S, fuck your threats. We are raiders, bitch!

*Nivek would go back to sleep*

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*Vlad hears the sound of a familiar voice through the radio and listens in. Laughing hysterically to himself he lifts his radio and responds*

You're a silly silly man Ryker.
What was that phrase you used when introducing me to your little friends earlier? Oh yes, 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. 
Making a public broadcast announcing this was so fucking stupid you moronic fuck. Now all your fucking enemies want a piece too.
I suppose I can't complain though, means I won't have to kill so many of you this time.

*Vlad turns off the radio and hurls it at Nivek, busting his nose and wakening him from his sleep*

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*Vadim opens his eyes and moves Betkas head away from his crotch, pulling her hair back in a quick motion, before he grabs his radio. He curses quietly before he holds the button to transmit*

*you are able to hear a pissed sounding deep voice with a slavic accent*

What is all this bitching on the radio? Who did we piss off now? 

Big man with all these words ... Why did you not kill Sebastian? Would have done us a favor, eh? Just another one with big speeches and little deeds. All these threats and countdowns slightly annoy me. I am a busy man, don't you understand?  You make me work in my ... *He glances down on himself and back down at Betka on her knees before he goes on transmitting* ... in my free time. That really pisses me off. 

Here is what is going to happen. It is simple so even you can understand, yes? 

*He imitates after the voices he heard on this frequency as he goes on transmitting*

Cloí leis an Alfa Mac ... fuck you, the raiders and I will end you. 

*the transmission ends*


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10 hours ago, Kase said:


*Radek would burst out laughing at Ryker's demands. Picking up his radio, he held down his transmit button, looking back towards the Radio station. He would still be laughing loudly as he held down the transmit button.*


You're so weak, pathetic. Your little "example" cast on Seb cost you 5 people that day. I know, because I helped him kill them. You're nothing without your roaming "death" squad.

*another laugh is heard before he continues*

"If you try to attack any of my friends" blah blah blah.... you should know Ryker, it's a matter of when, not if. I'm coming for your head, have a spike ready for me for when I find you next time.

Your people need to learn not to fuck with the raiders.


Dokud se znovu nestretneme, děvko.

*Radek pops his radio back into its pouch, heading away from the station for todays deeds*

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*Holds PTT*

Holy shit you know where Buzzo's labs are? Well I guess if you're gonna come attack us, just do it now. We've been bored as fuck lately.

*Releases PTT*

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*Rose hears a familiar voice and picks up her radio.  She raises it to her lips, presses, then releases the PTT and lowers the radio a bit.  She pauses for a moment before she again raises the radio and presses the button*

”Vlad, it’s Rose.  I don’t know if you remember me, but, that’s not important.  What’s important is that I know there is a decent man buried somewhere deep inside of you.  A man who once wanted to protect and not hurt.  What happened to him?  Where did he go?”

”I know your demons are great, but, I also know you were able to control them until you were forced to take that drug.  Comfort, that’s what it’s called, right?  Think Vlad, think.  Do you really want to be the vile monster you were back in Russia?  Do you really want that to be your final legacy?”

*Static could be heard for a couple seconds before the transmission ends*

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*Grachi hears the transmission while looking down at the railing of the dam, at the glistening water below him. He frowns and sighs*

"Roza... Vlad is not there. The man shot me. Trying to get a woman talk. Tch... He's pretty much a Peshka... And you know it."

*He spins an empty vodka bottle to see where the neck would point. To the depths, or to the life. He sighs as it points at the sturdy concrete.*

"Also mister... Ryker? Good luck. Because you are going to need it. And why the fuck not. Mister Nivek. Stay alive... For now. You are useful, to certain extent. There is enough osvinets i puli... to everyone."

*He tosses the bottle from ontop of the dam, making it spin spin spin, before it splashes onto the water, and disappears.*

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*In hysterics again, Vlad hears the last broadcast through Niveks radio. He walks over to him and kicks the little bastard off of the table he was sleeping on to grab his radio and begins to speak*

Ah yes, Rose. So good to hear from you! 
I sold you a horrendous lie and just like the rest of Miller's band of merry little men, you bought it.
You think comfort turned me into this? Silly girl, comfort reminded me who I truly am..

*Vlad walks out of the radio station to grab a mans head that has been sitting on a fence post for some time. He lifts the head by its hair and holds it next to the radio*

Hey buddy you hear that? I'm a decent man somewhere deep down! 
Rose, I'm holding the head of a man who tried to beg for his life by calling me a decent man deep down and as you can hear...
He's not responding. He's not responding because I cut his head from his body.
Speak to me like I'm some sort of weak, pathetic excuse of a human being again and I'll put your pretty face next to his.
Stay out of my way.

*Vlad returns to the station and throws the radio back at Nivek, again hitting him in the face. He sets the rotten head next to Lenka and exclaims that they look very similar before resting*

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Erin wakes up slowly, her head throbbing. She hears the commotion on the frequency and presses down the PTT, talking in a shaky voice

"R-Rose, you're too kind. Your optimism is going to end with you in a body bag. Vlad is too far gone at this point. And Vlad, I hear you're spreading
rumors about me..? Spencer decided to contact me, threatening me. Said that you said that I told you everything. Of all the things I thought you were...
a killer, a sociopath... I never took you for a liar."

She scoffs to herself, sitting up the rest of the way and looking out the window at the sunrise

"I'm staying out of this one, boys. Sorry Ryker, but I'm not dying today. Good luck"

Shuffling of clothes and belongings can be heard as she releases the PTT

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*Rose presses the PTT*

”Thank you, Vlad, for that little show.”

“No, you aren’t weak, that’s true.  But, you are pathetic.  You are a pathetic vile creature.  I had an opportunity and I didn’t take it.  That makes me almost as pathetic as you.  It’s something that will haunt me until the very end.”

”Listen up Vlad’s so-called friends.  You will never be safe as long as that monster walks amongst you.  Don’t fool yourselves, you will never control him.  And one day soon he will turn on you and sacrifice you to his evil, bloodthirsty god.  Or whatever the ruse of the day is.  That’s what Vlad does. Ask him.”

”Vlad turned on us; he’ll turn on you.  You are warned.”

*Rose lowers the radio and waits a moment before she raises it to her lips again*

”Grachi, we need to talk.  We’ve found a safer place that I hope you and the others will like.”

*Rose puts the radio in her pack and heads back down the hill*

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*Kaetlyn looks worried after listening to all of them. When Rose stops talking through the radio, Kaetlyn presses the PTT and speaks softly*
"...please... don't....."

*gets quiet for a second and continues*

"..nothing is going to bring back Miller..."

*closes her eyes strongly*
"We can't change that..."
"what can we do?" *repeats quietly while she hugs her legs and keeps her head between her knees.*
*The transmission cuts off*

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*Rose presses the button*

”All we can do is try to ensure Vlad never fools anyone else again.  That and stay far, far away from him and the rest of the Comfort Boys.  I suspect Vlad’s shit is going to hit the fan soon and I don’t want any of it on me or mine.”

”Damn, my mood just keeps getting worse.”

*Rose releases the PTT and starts pacing back and forth, back and forth*


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