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YNW Jasper

The Death Of Uncle Cee (Open Freq.)

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The familiar dusty voice of Uncle Cee would come alive on the radio, too old and tired to continue running, posts up in a house and grabs his radio 

"Yo! This Uncle Cee uh...I'm kinda fucked boys. I ain't gon' lie it might not have been the best idea to single handedly run up to the Chedinki's when they was all at they campfire and start pissing on one of their backs but...what's done is done I guess...."

He stops to catch his breath, his old knees causing him pain from running fast and far form the angry Chedaki 

The sounds of pounding outside his door could be heard. Probably close to ten men outside his building. 


He stops to regain composure as the barricaded door begins to give

"Anyways, this gon' be my end here fellas. Take care of yall selves out there boys. Uncle Cee out."

Uncle Cee ties a rubber band to the PTT so everyone can hear his last glorius moments 

The sounds of gunfire would erupt followed by Uncle Cee screaming incoherently 

One final "HAHA GOTCHYO ASS LIL UGLY ASS B-" could be heard before a loud thud hits the ground. The exhausted voice of a Chedaki would come over the radio

"Privyet. Let the body of Uncle Cee serve as a reminder to those that oppose us. Slava Chedaki!"

A few more rounds would be emptied into Uncle Cee's body before the Chedaki would leave the house

The transmission abruptly ends 


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*Hearing this, Fred runs his hand through his hair and looks at his hat with a stitched in "Eddie"*

"So many people fucking dying. Atleast you went out with dignity. Sleep well you mad bastard."

*Fred would let out a sigh before the transmission ends*

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*The man picks up his radio and listens a smile appears across his face and a small chuckle, he picks up the radio and responds with a Cherno Russian accent*

Well well... looks like that old prick got what was coming to him shame I didn’t have the pleasure of doing it myself... you Chedaki I thank you for this news it warms my heart just the nephew that needs hunting now... but I have no love for you or your ideals Chedaki hell awaits...Slava Chernarus!!

*He releases his PTT and clears his throat before Returning to his rifle and continues stripping and cleaning it*

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As Larry would hear the broadcast,, his jaw would drop and his pin joint would fall out. 

"Fuck bud, that's hurtin. Fam didn't deserve that on god."

"Yo rest up dawg, that's rough how they did you Cee."

As he'd end the broadcast, grunting and wheezing could be heard as he'd try to bend over to get his joint out from the mud.

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