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The Trader that were in Novaya School

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*A voice would start to come through the radio*

"I've been looking for the traders that were in Novaya has anyone seen them?

I have came to novaya three times in the past week and seen no one.

Anyone know where everyone is going to nowadays?"

*Voice would stop coming through the radio*

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.::: Nikolai perks his ears and grabs the radio, holding down the PTT :::.

" Was there a few days ago, ano? About 6-7 people, foreigners mostly of course -- Was firefight there moments before, people like big guns, must be compensating for something, ano? Anyways .. People like travel, a lot of it, you want to see people? Tisy military for some reason. If not there, then perhaps they hide in woods, who knows. Dobrou noc "

.::: He'd release the PTT and tuck his radio away :::.

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