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A Quiet Girl's Distress Call

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Riviaiira would hold her radio in her hand, she finally switches it on. Completely shaken up and pale as what seems like a thousand infected are screaming and growling outside. She would seem to whisper, slightly stuttering as she calls for help.

Please help...
I... There are s-so many...
I'm stuck n-near the airf-field near th-the se-AH!"

Her scream is a surprised shriek as the door on her other end smashes up slightly. Her breathing paced more.


Her radio cuts off frantically...

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*Abdallah Tareq would hear a lady on his Libyan Radio*


"hm it sounds like you are in a pickle lady"

*He would look at his brothers*


"We could maybe help if you said how many"

"Jesus ladys you cant trust them with eny thing"

*He would let the ptt go and start to relax*

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"D-Don't worry...

S-some guy he-helped me...

T-Thank you."

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- user was cautioned for this post -

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