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R3d D3ad

Free Cannabis

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*Jane is looking at the plants in front of her, then back to the PTT in her hands and presses down on it. *

Is anybody out there?
If anyone heares this and is interested in some Cannabis, feel free to stop by at Myshkino..
the plants are next to that house close to the lake..
Just take how much you need or how much is left, i don´t need it.
Please don´t shoot eachother or me while being there.."


*She releases the PTT, looks towards the plants stands up and walks away*

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*Shmeck hearing what the man had just said would fall off his chair thinking about the financial opportunity and hold the radio*

"Free stuff? im on my way."

*he would throw his radio hitting his long nose in the process and run*

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* Jane is suprised that someone actually heard her message and presses down on her PTT a second time*

"Hey, yeah it´s for free!
I put the fresh cannabis into a plate carriere pouch so it´s not gonna get too wet!"

*Jane lowers the PTT , turns around and walks away from the plants*

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