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A cry for help [Open Frequency]

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*Emma presses down the PTT as she wipes away her tears*

"Have anybody seen my bunny..? Chaos is gone and I can't find him.. Can somebody please help me?

*She scratches her cuts on her arm till they bleed once again*

"I think a man called Guenther took him.. I just want Chaos back.. I can't lose one of my bunnies.."

*She mumbles to herself before she releases the PTT*

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*George recognizes the 'Crazy Bunny' girls voice, presses his PTT*

I told you crazzzyyy bunnnnny, I told you I waz going to steal your bunny, and eat it. And now I have, this is what you get for messing with me.

Keep an eye on thee rest of dem, crazzzy bunnnny.

*George releases his PTT*

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Victor's voice is extremely monotone.

Jesus, man. You're crazy.

You have no idea what you have just done.

Emma. Do not believe him for a second. I will help you find Chaos.

He releases the PTT, and looks at the walls of the house, now covered in the letters "EM" and "EU"

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*Boris Takes his radio*

"Hm I havent seen your Bunny"

*He would have a laugh with Declan*

"If I see your bunny Il tell you"

"what does it look like?"

*He would go back to sleep*

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*Emma looks at her face in the mirror, smirking as she hears her radio go off before she brings her radio to her face, pressing down the PTT*

"George.. Didn't think I would ever hear from you again.. Stay hidden, little one.. If you know what's best for you.."

*She puts on her mask to cover up her new "smile"*

"Chaos is brown and white with ears who is hanging down.. If anybody finds Chaos or the man or woman who is behind it, I will forever be in debt."

*She grabs her rifle as she walks outside, closing the door behind her before she releases the PTT*

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*Presses down on PTT*

"Ask Ryan, He almost shot the poor bunny... He decided it was a good Idea to attack gunther and unfortunately a stray bullet hurt the little bunny... Don't worry though! We made sure to patch him up nice and he will be a OK from the gunshot wound... However you know what happens when somebody assaults Gunther.....

*Lights Match*

"Thing's Burn..."

*Lets go of PTT*

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*Vrach Sikorski sits, leaning against a tree. His friends talking down to a man who stands away. Vrach thinks back to the girl who was taken before, his mind drifts to the bunny and the feeling he felt then. He sighs for a moment before lifting the radio to his mouth, the static ending as he presses the button. For a moment he didn't say anything, eventually he answered.*

"I hope you find your friend."

*He slowly releases the button, he moves his hand to the power and clicks his radio off.*

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