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His stomach doesn't feel right, and he takes a deep breath before speaking.

Emily. Emily, I know you can't exactly speak back, but I need to know if you're out there.

Give me like, one or two taps or something. Just to let me know if you're alive or not.

Please. Something doesn't feel right. I'm worried. Please, Em. I love you - but I need to know if you're okay.

He begins to tear up, and releases his PTT before looking at the photo of her - and crying.

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*Grachi is walking down the road with his rifle on hand, looking at the sea and looking at the old soviet apartments. On the middle of the road, he sees a girl with Khaki clothes. She had "talked" to him last night. And now she was dead. Lifeless eyes looking into the sky. Grachi approached the body, carefully looking around for an ambush. Soon he just shook his head and walked to the body. He gave few trying pokes to her with the barrel of his rifle and deep sigh left his lips. Dead. Poor girl. Suddenly he heard a radio buzzing in the pocket of her jacket. He listened, and then he picked it up, looking at it and the girl for a moment before pressing the ptt*

"I'm sorry, tovarishch... She's gone away. Far, far away. To place with no... pain or suffering."

*He kneels next to the body, looking at the wounds and into her eyes, before closing them. He looks at her and sees a necklace, which he takes from her neck and puts into his pocket. Otherwise she didn't have anything else. All of her equipment gone. He looked around, seeing a lighthouse and some buildings.*

"I'm going to bury her by the lighthouse. And I'm going to make a cross to her so you may find her."

*He stands up, putting the rifle to his back and lifting the small thing, not caring that his white shirt would get bloody and carrying her, and laying her to rest.*

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He would stop crying for a moment, to listen to the radio. After hearing the radio, he would cry, and he would go fetal. He stabs the wall with his knife, and carves "EU" into it. He would pick up his radio and press the PTT

Thank you. Thank you, whoever you are for letting me know. 

You would hear sobs

I will visit her soon. Both at the lighthouse, and where she is now. I will not leave her for long.

Her necklace. The lion. Please, keep it. It means everything to me and I want you to have it for burying her

Thank you, friend.

He would pull the trigger on his M16, but it clicks. Empty.

I will see you soon, Emily. Everything we've been through. I still love you.

 And again, whoever you are,  thank you. 

If we meet some day, I will repay you. Keep the necklace. It means everything to me.


He releases the PTT, and keeps crying. He would take a knife, and keep carving into the wall.





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