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This is Louie Walsh... I'm Sorry Lads, They Got Me. (Open Frequency)

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*A voice would fill the void of quiteness on the radio*

"This is... This is Louie Walsh. In my time I only got to meet a good handful of you. I just wanted to say... I failed. The Chedaki... They found me. Looks like all my threats really bit me in the ass haha.. Picture this lads... Your stuck in this house. This, beautiful house. Evil men at the bottom of the staircase, all seems bad... Then you turn around, and a beautiful sunset. One final good memory. Absolutely beautiful. For those of you I did know..."

*There would be a soft weep*

"Those of you I did know, it was a pleasure. I only wanted to bring a few smiles into the world. I hope I succeeded... Even if it was only one frown, turned into a face of joy. I was just trying to make the world a better place. I'll just have to die with the progress I've made. Goodbye lads. Take care. Slava Chernarus"

*There would be a sound of the radio hitting the floor, with the PTT still on.*


*There would be relentless gunfire, with the sound of a body hitting the floor, before the radio finally cuts off.*


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Posted (edited)

*Joe would wipe a tear from his eye in memory of this man he never met, he grabs his radio*

You will be avenged brother.

*Joe would put down the radio and finishes his spaghetti*

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Yelena, almost to Novigrad would pause in her steps. Sighing, her head lowers before she takes her radio and holds down the PTT.

”I told him...

He did not listen.”

The radio would go silent.

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*He hears the same man again as a few hours ago, presses down PTT button when raisng radio to his mouth*

"Well... it seems that at least he went down fighting for what he believed in. Rare because most people are only interested in pure survival these days."

*Releases PTT button but then he presses it again*

"Understandable since its in human nature to prefer keeping your head attached to your body."

*Releases radio button for the last time and clips it back on a belt*

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*Vrach Sits hearing the conversation on the radio. He remembers back to what the man was saying against the Chedaki. He considers what will happen to those who are captured in the future that are going back on their word of support for the Chedaki. He knew many people wouldn't stick with the agreement, but he hoped some would, some who could be saved from the bloodshed.*

"You were a man of your word. There is honor in death."

*He would pause for a moment, still holding the button down. He thinks back on the bloodshed, those who fought us, those who have died for us, those who will die."

"Slava Chedaki, rest well."

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*As young Mr. Krabs puts his hand on Joe's wounded arm as hes lying down in his bed, all bloody from the last fight, you can hear Joe's faint whisper telling Krabs something*

"Aight bro, he's been avenged."

*He would give him a drink and release the PTT*

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Posted (edited)

.::: Nikolai shakes his head and holds down the PTT :::.

" Y.. You were warned and you had what was coming to you. Rest in peace. pro ty, kteří umírají tváří v tvář zlu, je třeba si na celý život pamatovat "

.::: He'd release the PTT and throw his radio aside :::.



 for those that die in the face of evil, are to be remembered for a lifetime

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