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Fuck The Chedaki's Claims. (Open Frequency)

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*Louie would contain his laughter and clear his throat before speaking, then a poorly spoken Russian accent would come on.*

"I'm choodaki. Put your fucking hanz up an zpeak into my radio or get shot"

*There would be laughter on the frequency*

"Bahahaha. Fuck me. I can't do that accent anymore. Anyways, for all who heard my most recent broadcast about needing help from the Chedaki, sorry about that."

*A quick pause*

"I hope this radio is actually on and I'm not just talking to myself..."

"But I have a message to the Chedaki. Fuck you. You're not special, you're not entitled to shit. Hell I've never even seen any of you. But abusing people, putting a radio to their mouth, and making them claim you as independent or die is a pussy move. I'll be around Vybor by the way, just in case you wanna come and say hello. Your time is coming Chedaki, your time is coming. I am the voice of the voiceless, and your time of murdering and terrorizing is over. Enough innocent civilians have died."

*He lets off the PTT and waits a solid minute before picking the radio back up*

"Oh and one more thing. Slava these nuts you commie fuckers."

*He would let out a hearty laugh before setting down the radio for good, and filling his drum mag full of 7.62*


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Yelena's brow twists into an annoyed expression.

"And this is why people get shot, tortured and killed.

Foreigner or not...

There has been enough innocent blood spilt to realise when to stop. 

I'm trying to do you a favour. 


As much as something angers you, this would not be a way to go. With ANYBODY.


The radio cuts of the irritated women's voice.

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.::: Nikolai reaches for his radio and holds down the PTT, a Chernarussian accent can be heard :::.

" The lady is right, ano? All fun and games until they force you to do the same, you do you but I will wait for same voice to be mumbling Slava Chedaki. They'll make sure you join the voiceless instead of speaking for them, ano? Ahoj my friend, good luck and perhaps gods take mercy on you. I recommend you take ladies advice, very much so "

.::: He releases the PTT :::.

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*He Thinks long and hard about his response*

"The day I trade my dignity and my freedom for a few more years on this world, is the day I'm gonna wish I was dead. On the mother, Mary Joseph herself, no one in Chernarus will hear me mumble,  Slava Chedaki. These Chedaki fuckers aren't going to, win me over, like they did everyone else. It's gonna be a fight. I can only pray to the mother herself that I can just take a few of them with me.... Slava Chernarus."

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*He heard those people arguing over the radio so Gregor quickly raised it to his mouth and pressed PTT button*

"If you don't live the way you want then you might as well be dead."

*After this statement, he released PTT button and put his radio back where it belongs*

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*Rose picks up her radio and presses the PTT*

”If we all refuse to support the Chedaki when they have a gun pointed at our heads, we will all die.  If we all die, who will stop the Chedaki?  No one.  And the Chedaki will win by default.”

”The resistance grows stronger each day . . . each time the Chedaki put a gun to someone’s head.  Be smart, be strategic, survive to fight another day.  There is no dishonor in that.”

”Slava Chernarus!”

*Rose releases the PTT, smiles at her companions, and moves closer to the fire*

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*Gregor picks up his radio, raises it to his mouth and presses the PTT*

"Very true. Words mean nothing without conviction behind them... or so they say."

*Releases PTT button, sighs looking over the countryside and descends from the hill further while putting his radio back on the belt*

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*Imrich inspects his new rifle in his hand. He runs his hand over the carving on the dust cover. He presses down the PTT and a local accent inhabits the airways*

"The Chedaki can make you say whatever they please, carve whatever they please, and be live whatever they please. The Red Star would have never done these things to one of its own people." 

*The man feels around his back, running his hand over the new Chedaki symbol* 

"We all understand, Ano? When someone states the name and how they support them you know they are not truly supporters. Guns to a locals head only bring more anger and death. We Locals have felt the pain from political powers, we will not let them win."

*Imrich lets go of the PTT and removes the dust cover of the rifle for safe keeping* 

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*Presses his PTT*

Who the hell is still trying to make Communism work, the worlds over. No more politics, no more religion, no more nothing. Get over yourselves.

*Releases his PTT*

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