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YNW Jasper

Jasper's Amnesty Appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair: It was fair, nothing to really add to this, I was originally put on final warning for poor attitude, and was eventually banned for it after reacting poorly to a few of my friends being R4'd. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Back in 2017 I was put on final warning for repeated points on the forums (Pretty much exclusively as I think I only ever received one or two bans for in game stuff from 2016 to now) and made an appeal to some flaming points with a meme title to the appeal, which led to my 10 points being aggravated to a final warning. I stayed on final warning until February of 2018 where my friends were R4'd and I left bad flamey staff feedback on the admin who did it's page without a template, which led to me being removed from the community as I was on final and received 3 points for that. 

Between then I came back on an alt account for about a month, was caught, and left a lengthy self perming message on the account as a status update before being banned that was targeted at members of the community. 

Since then I've gone to other communities and cleaned up my act and learned from experiences in said communities. In one of them before being let back in here on amnesty, I was actually staff and it was a pretty decently sized community overall. I think being staff in another community also put things into perspective for me and let me see things from staffs point of view that I simply didn't consider before while I was playing here in '16 and 17' and 18'. 

In my time back I've been very active in game and on the forums. I think I've double my in game hours in my three months back that I had done in a year before being banned. And I'm pretty sure I've kept pace with my prior forum activity, however, it's far more constructive this time and not just me flaming people and being an idiot. I've even made quite a few posts that seemed to have struck a cord with the community and garnered some pretty big responses and opened up some healthy community dialogue through them as seen here here and here which I think shows that not only am I still very active on the forums as before, but that i'm also contributing meaningful content to the forums as opposed to just saying "Hello" on all the welcome threads or anything like that. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Final warning removed

What could you have done better?: In regards to the last warning I got, I could have reacted in a more mature manner, voiced my criticism in a mature and constructive and non reactionary manner, and perhaps recognized that my friends were not infallible in the situation. In regards to all the warnings before that, I could have been a bit more level headed and mature overall and not immediately just voiced whatever went through my head at the time and stopped to think before speaking more often. That's about it honestly, just been more mature, think more and say less. I think I've definitely improved as a person on those fronts a lot, and while I am still far from perfect, I do think that my improvements in those departments shows.

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Greetings Jasper. A team of staff have reviewed your appeal and come to a decision. Unfortunately the staff team have come to the conclusion that you have no improved enough in terms of attitude to justify removing your final warning. Since returning on amnesty you have both used you caution as well as even received a report warning. Furthermore your attitude in discord conversations as well as conversations on the forums, while not point worthy, still has not improved enough for our satisfaction. As such your appeal has been denied and you may re-appeal once again in 3 months.


//appeal denied. Points remain.

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