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Ban Appeal

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post): 

Why the verdict is not fair: Ban and points seem severe for Frank Wasabi and myself based on what we viewed as bad RP from MatthewFC at the outset. We are new but there was also Bad RP in our opinion from MatthewFC.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My partner Frank Wasabi and I began conversing with MatthewFC. It was clear in the video posted that he acted untoward off the bat. His irritation with us was clear and made no effort to RP.  

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed. Banned reduced.

What could you have done better?: We could have made our intentions more clear with ".. or else" type statements but we didn't want to nor did we want to kill MathewFC, nor rob him. But we understand we weren't as clear as we could have been. We should have protected our hostage.

We were interested in letting him live, but by this judgement, I presume the better decision would be to have provide "or else" type statements and executed to them such as ... 

a) Shot him when he refused to drink with us

b) Shot him when he refused to take us to his "house"

c) Shot him when he punched Frank Wasabi (first act of aggression)

d) Shot him when we asked him to stop moving and replied with "or else" while pulling his gun out.

e) Stating we would feed him to the zombies if he didn't comply

.. all with making our initiation more clear. The rules are that we need to be clear with initiation. Our interest in RP in that instant was to be less cookie cutter, more organic. But we are also new.

.. and 

f) Protecting him once we restrained him

Not being clear with demands is our mistake and not protecting our hostage is also not cool.

As a sidenote, could you please explain why "unless your hostage has his hands up or is showing clear intentions of not fighting back, you can't force feed them anything."  

i.e. if a *retstrained hostage* is acting like an asshole, can we or can we not force feed them? and why? 

Thank you.




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Reading this, I am confused to see if you are appealing your ban or trying to get someone else banned. Either way, the punishment you received was correct. You provided very little roleplay which just focused on you trying to force him drinks and petrol. You forced him to drink petrol and then left him to die as he was throwing up. That isn't good roleplay. You also, must protect your hostage, not just make and watch them get killed by the infected. It states this in our rules. Your punishment was correct and will be staying. 

With that said, appeal denied.

Appeal denied | Ban and points stay

Signed by myself with notes

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