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Dear Chedaki

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She presses down the PTT, her voice coming through clearly over the open frequency

"This is getting boring and repetitive. You Chedaki boys understand that no matter how many times you force people at gunpoint to say they support you, you aren't going to change anyone's mind."

She pauses, furrowing her brow as she looks at the infected stomping through the town below her before speaking again

"It's too late now. You lost back in 2009 and the CDF and NAPA destroyed any semblance of what you used to be. There's no redemption at this point."

She releases the PTT, waiting for a response. After a few moments she presses down the PTT and continues

"Even if you do manage to bring about a following, you aren't going to accomplish anything. At least the nationalists are doing their best to rebuild. You want to keep this land in the dark ages, killing doctors, threatening the innocent."

She takes a long breath, birds can be heard chirping through the wind and the rustling of the trees in the background

"And fear-mongering isn't going to do very much, most of the folks in South Zagoria have survived in this wasteland for almost two years. This country spawns men and women with iron wills, their responsibility and determination are limitless.  Something you Russian-wannabe shills would never understand."
"So Slava. Slava Chernarus. Slava South Zagoria. Slava to those who managed to stay alive after the shit hit the fan."

"Fuck the Chedaki."

The beginning of a gunshot can be heard through the frequency before cutting out abruptly.

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