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Broadcast from beyond. (One way Frequency)

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The static would be interrupted by the sound of an engine followed by multiple detonations. 

"Eco, Charlie, Whiskey, Zulu, Zulu to ATC, ATC come in, over..." 

"Eco, Charlie, whi-"

The speaker is suddenly interrupted by a louder detonation within the engine. Almost immediately after, the sound of the engine would begin to decrease significantly.

"PAN, PAN... PAN, PAN... PAN, PAN... - This is Eco, Charlie, Whiskey, Zulu, Zulu, RPMs dropping and engine parameters reaching red, does anybody copy, over?"

The speaker would remain silent, for a couple of seconds all that can be heard would be the sound of the wind crashing against the aircraft while his hands frenetically go through the POH.

"Shit... Shit... - Airspeed 75 KIAS, best glide speed, heading towards 230, anybody copy?" 

Another detonation is heard within the engine, killing it completely.

"Fuck, here we go."

Eventually, the transmission would go back to a bunch of white noise.



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Erin presses down the PTT on her backpack radio.

"Full copy, Eco, Charlie, Whiskey Zulu, Zulu. ATC's been out for years."

She sits down on a rock ledge, taking off her shoes and dangling her feet off the edge of the cliff.

"Hopefully, that mayday isn't the last thing we hear from you."

A few seconds of silence is heard over frequency before she sighs heavily

"Good luck out there. Guess I'll be the first one to welcome you to Chernarus. Feel free to leave your dignity by the door."

The transmission continues, a few birds can be heard twittering in the background before ending abruptly

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