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The Grey City - Louie Walsh

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The Grey City


Chapter 1: "Danger Comes This Way"

"Goodbye, sweetie. Come back safe! We love you!" Those are the last words I remember hearing from my parents. I should've never left. Even now, I wish I would've stayed. Right now, as I write this, I should be there with my loved ones. My mom... My dad, all my friends.  Instead I'm here in a foreign country, risking my life everyday. Some days I wonder if the people I operate on, will be the ones that eventually put a bullet in my chest. Since I've removed myself from hiding on the outskirts of Chernarus, I've been stabbed, shot in the leg twice, and robbed. I never knew it could've gotten this bad.

Back when everything was... normal, I was here as a volunteer medic. Just trying to get some more experience for when I got out of college, and gotten a better job. Within a month, I had learned more about assault rifles and combat tactics than I ever had as a doctor. These Chernarussian fucking pigs lined up all the able bodies in the city I was staying in, Kirovograd. They went through the line and a man had a wagon of Kalashnikovs he was towing behind him. Soon enough I was fighting a foreign countries war.

I had to shoot at these.... things. Sometimes I got lucky and took them down with my first shot, sometimes I sprayed an entire drum mag into the fucker and he still came runnin'. All of this might seem humane and reasonable.. But eventually I was ordered to shoot things that weren't infected.

"PLEASE NO! PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY CHILD FROM ME! SHE'S NOT SICK I SWEAR!" That's all I heard before I pulled the trigger. I missed my shot and the bullet landed in her chest cavity. I could hear her struggle to breathe as her lungs filled with blood. This would happens dozens more times until I was eventually free. I can still see each one of their faces to this day..




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