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S1: BadRP (TrollRP), No care for Hostage, RDM 2019/04/20 04:30

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Server and location: 

S1 Severograd

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 

2019-04-20 04:30

Your in game name: 

Matt Farenheit

Names of allies involved: 


Name of suspect/s: 

2 people with blue armbands. I punched one of the suspects. Logs will show

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 

They were driving on a Sedan

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 


Detailed description of the events: 

My characters is currently trying to keep a presence in Severograd. I had finished cleaning the infected from town when I see a sedan passing on the road, that also spots me and their occupants say hello. The sedan stops and Suspect A and Suspect B get down the vehicle and wave. After exchanging few words Suspect A takes a bottle of Vodka and keeps trying to force feed me the stuff, saying "drink with me" all the time. I realize a bit late and get feed that once, making me vomit, but afterwards I kept avoiding it. They mock me for vomiting and keep asking me where I live and trying to get me to take them to my house.

As it becomes clearer and clearer that these people are just trolling, I try to bring the RP to more serious ground or end the encounter, but the suspects just keep trolling, Suspect A trying to feed me various stuff while Suspect B witnesses while holding his weapon. I get fed up by the constants violations of my personal space by Suspect A and punch him once, a punch that is later returned by the same suspect. When they realize I'm not just going to stay still they start dropping borderline initiations (orders without clear consequence for disobedience). I grow more and more pissed by this pathetic situation, and as the situation grows more hostile, I pull my gun and they ask me to put it down, while not stating any consequences except casually raising their weapons and making a countdown. I decide to treat it as an initiation although it was so vague that it may be ruled invalid, and comply.

As their hostage, I allow Suspect B to tie me up but show considerable resistance to their continued trolly attempts at feeding me emetics, now by Suspect B while Suspect A assists blocking my movement. Meanwhile they rummage through my stuff, continuing to try to get more reactions out of me, until Suspect A of them takes my pistol, removes the suppressor, and shots several times in the air. As he does this, I am fed fuel from a gas can repeatedly by Suspect B, making me get locked in a repeated vomit animation, as zombies swarm and they deliberately scram, Suspect A saying "We gotta get outta here Matthew, we gotta get out of here", leaving me defenseless, tied up and vomiting, to die by the merciless horde.

I am very worried that these people may be in the server to troll and cause damage and, having a vehicle, are actively going around the map looking for opportunities to do so.

Edited by MatthewFC
Added video evidence

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@MatthewFC did you punch one of the suspects?

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2 minutes ago, Zanaan said:

@MatthewFC did you punch one of the suspects?

I can confirm I did, as I said on the report on the Suspect subsection.

I rewatched the video as I'm uploading it and I'm gonna see that my POV is as exact as possible, so I'll add that in.

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Hit Logs

04:35:46 | Player "Frank Wasabi" (pos=<7681.1, 12496.7, 127.2>)[HP: 97.69] hit by Player "Matt Farenheit" (pos=<7682.1, 12497.6, 127.2>) into RightArm(17) for 7 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy)

04:36:51 | Player "Matt Farenheit" (pos=<7691.8, 12505, 126.8>)[HP: 98.0365] hit by Player "Frank Wasabi" (pos=<7690.5, 12506.2, 126.7>) into RightLeg(5) for 5.95 damage (MeleeFist_Heavy)


Position Logs

04:34:39 | Player "Oleksiy Metzger" (pos=<7649.9, 12495.1, 127.0>)
04:34:39 | Player "Matt Farenheit" (pos=<7659.4, 12491, 127.1>)
04:34:39 | Player "Frank Wasabi" (pos=<7658.7, 12487.3, 127.2>)


Connection Logs

Line 25613: 04:06:29 | Player "Oleksiy Metzger" is connected
Line 27402: 05:48:31 | Player "Oleksiy Metzger" has been disconnected

Line 25692: 04:11:03 | Player "Frank Wasabi" is connected
Line 27423: 05:48:31 | Player "Frank Wasabi" has been disconnected


Calling In

@bunsojr (Frank Wasabi)

@Metzger (Oleksiy Metzger)


For their full and detailed PoVs and any evidence they may have.

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Video added

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POV : Oleksiy Metzger

I believe I'm Suspect B in Matthew's description. Matthew never asked us for our names.

We met Matthew looting in Severograd while we were looking for a new radiator. At some point Matthew said he had a "house" in Severograd. We asked him to take it to us. He didn't. At some point before or after that he punched "Suspect A" / Frank Wasabi. We insisted he drink with us. He wouldn't. He kept saying "this is going no where".

Later he pulled a gun. I told him to put it away and began counting down, with my M16 pointed at him.  He put it back in his bags / shoulder. As a result, we restrained him with rope.

Frank emptied his USG that he'd just pointed at us after restraining him. Since he didn't want to drink with us, I retrieved a gerry can from the car, fed him. Zombies came running shortly after. We ran. He didn't.

We had no intent of taking him hostage or restraining or killing him at the outset. His actions led to his restraint. 

Note that Mathew showed aggression first by punching Frank and then further threatening us with a gun.

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POV: Frank Wasabi

I agree with everyting Metzger said. To add, Matthew did not seem at all interested in RP'ing. He was trying to disengage with us every moment. I was trying to have a drink with him just wanted to leave entirely. It was never our intention to kill or rob Matthew. But he was so pissed off already when we met and uncooperative and not hospitable in the town of which he is supposedly mayor. At one point, he punched me, so I punched him back. Things escalated. Meztger tied him up. We had more vodka. I was drunk and unloaded a magazine into the air. The horde, which he claimed to have cleared, somehow, came back. We were surrounded. It's clear in the audio that I told him that we have to get out of here! Unfortunately, he didn't make it to the car. RIP.

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I will give you guys one reply, then I'm going to sleep and I'm leaving this for Staff to decide. Having read your POVs, though, I am set on wanting to see a veredict for this report and thus, it will not be dropped.

1 hour ago, Metzger said:


Your POV is full of convenient holes, as can be seen on the video.

I pulled a gun? You had yours out the whole encounter.

I only punched Frank after he had repeatedly ignored my request to respect my personal space and not feed me vodka or whatever he had on his hands.

I avoided being tied a couple of times but I let you tie me up as a precaution because, your initiation being vague at best, and given your RP, I had ZERO faith you would hold your fire even if you had no kill rights.

Can I ask you how forcing me to drink gasoline (and other vomit inducing substances) is "feeding" me? I don't know the current effects of gasoline on player health, but I'm pretty sure you would have killed me or nearly killed me with the amount you "fed" me ingame.

Of course I couldn't run. You can see the state you left me on the video. I was your hostage, my life was in your hands, you didn't care.

My actions throughout were completely in line and a normal response to an encounter with people whose few first actions consist on immediately making a stranger vomit through force feed.

31 minutes ago, bunsojr said:


I was interested in RPing and approached you with that purpose. When one of the first things you do is force feeding me your Vodka without warning, and make my character vomit, of course you're gonna cause me to have second thoughts about pursuing RP with you people. Not to say that you constantly approached my character at point blank range, action that can only be interpreted as you trying to use other items on my character. It's only by the point that I punch you that I have abandoned all hope of having a normal RP session with you guys and I'm just trying to find a way to end the encounter without getting my character seriously maimed or killed.

I never said I am Mayor of Severograd, and would not say it. I don't call myself anything but a citizen of the place, just another neighbor. And I was hospitable enough to a couple of strangers, given what you had done by the time you asked me to take you to "my house".

You deliberately took off the suppressor and fired into the air. That was not a drunken decision, that was premeditated.

Zombies respawn quickly, more so when new people enter a town. I had certainly killed all zombies within rifle-hearing distance only 10 minutes ago, but they obviously respawned.

Again, given the status I was left in, I had no chance of making it anywhere, least of all your car. I depended on your protection, you completely disregarded that fact.

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What I see in the video is clearly BadRP. First of, unless your hostage has his hands up or is showing clear intentions of not fighting back, you can't force feed them anything. Second of all, after you initiate on someone, you can't just leave them a minute later and use the zeds as an excuse. In this situation you should've protected your hostage, provided him some quality hostile roleplay and then moved on with whatever you were doing.

With that being said, both of you will be punished for BadRP.

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