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Ritt Ansen

Slava Chedaki

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Rhett glances over at the men around him. He speaks into the radio held out to him

"I'm Rhett Ansen. I want y'all to know I support the Chedaki. They're the true rulers of Chernarus. Join them or die."

His voice shakes for just a moment, and he takes a deep breath before saying,

"Slava Chedaki"

Some Chernarussian men chorus "Slava Chedaki" in the background before the signal cuts

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Posted (edited)

*She presses the PTT*

"We understand the position you are in, my brother."

"Slava Chernarus!"

*She releases the PTT*

Edited by Mia

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*Jebediah would press his PTT*

"What in the fuck is the Chadeeki? All I know is that you shouldn't be making empty threats when you ain't gonna do shit about it sumbitch, how imma join something I don't know what the fuck it is? Also Mr.Rhett Ansen, will you be the one coming to kill me if I don't join?"

*Jebediah would release his PTT*

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