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a message to Dr Schaeffer (Radio 96.6)

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*Kaine folds the small piece of paper with the Doctors Frequency up and places it in his top pocket, then flicks the ptt on*

"Doctor, thank you for your hospitality, gave us quite the entertaining evening"

*Kaine looks over at Theo curled up by the fire with an ashen look upon his face*

"Just so you know Theo will be fine, and wants to help out with yourselves but through me, i am your contact, no one else"

"The three of us might not be of much use but as long as its a profitable relationship then we're happy"

"Good evening to you doctor"

*Kaine flicks the ptt back off, a small feeling of regret creeping over him, what had he done?*

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*Dr scheaffer pulls up his radio whilst leaning on a bunk next to his brother. He would sound out of breath.*

"Thank you for taking to time to contact me Kaine, Looks like your not so dumb after all. I hope we did entertain you or at least give you something to think about.

*he would giggle over the radio, thinking about there little adventure in the trees*

"Stefan told me you wouldn't contact me but I was sure you would. I'm happy to hear the little Theo is going to be fine after are little character building, and that you will be willing to work on a little deal of sorts."

*he pauses to think about the day, whitest catching the remainder of his breath.*

"And for this relationship you speak off it will always be profitable, its more about how far you're willing to go... We will speak soon, let me speak to Stefan and perhaps we shall meet again soon.

*He would released the PTT looking at his brothers new smile a special someone carved into him.*

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* Kaine Listened curiously to the reply from Dr Shaeffer, How does he know my name? he wondered then pressed down the PTT*

"Who's Kaine? I'm David you must be getting your wires crossed buddy, Anyway i'll be in touch to setup a meet at some point"

*Kaine let off the PTT, still feeling uneasy at the Dr using his name when he hadn't given it, strange things were a foot*


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*he would press his ptt, in more of a sorry state then he would like to be seen in*

"I apologise for the late communication, been sorting out some loose ends, and apologies for the wrong name, its been a mighty stressful time."

*he would chuckle coughing up blood from some fresh bullet wounds*

"We defiantly need to sort out a little meeting point wouldn't want to have to come hunting right?"

*he pauses*

"I hope Theo is ok and I hope your back is all well... well as well as it could be little friend."

*he would laugh a little more and then letting go of the PTT and would take a swig from his vodka bottle*


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