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False Reports Going Forward

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Wanted to post here as I posted in discussion and that conversation went off on a few different directions.  I also want to state I didn't know Dusty, I am just genuinely concerned with the way the false report punishment was used (maybe there was more going on then I knew behind the scenes/in discord kind of thing. I just want to get to the bottom of what future reports will look like in similar circumstances)

My question is simple.  Have false report procedures changed?

In the past if the OP was in the wrong staff would give very obvious opinions on the case and then ask "how do you wish to proceed?".


Staff Member: "Hi Op, from the given evidence we so no reason that this would be considered ruleplay.  The event was roleplayed out and he circumstances while unfortunate ended with your characters death, how do you wish to proceed?"

Giving them the opportunity to say "you're right I see what happened there" or "no I still think it's a report" (in which case a false report punishment could happen)

I'm worried because I saw mention of "false report" (which actually didn't end up happening in that report) in another report recently and I'm starting to think gamemasters are pursuing this more often then they should be.

My opinion, and suggestion is this.

If someone fabricates/lies/has OOC reasons for a report it's pretty obvious what to do.  Ban away.

  But of they are wrong, if they have made a mistake, by not understanding the situation fully, that should not be automatically punished.  Yes they should know the rules, but staff is also there to correct misconceptions or misunderstandings, people should not be punished automatically for being wrong in a report.

Work with people.  Communicate during reports, give them a chance to back away if they are wrong.  Because if you don't do that, people will be afraid to report, they will just not bother with it, and you will have people get away with things they shouldn't which will deteriorate the server RP.

OK.  Long ass rant over, the simple question remains, have false report procedures changed?  Or is staff willing to work with people to avoid unnecessary bans?

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I'll be speaking for myself here, and not on behalf of the staff team.

A false report to me is a report in which the OP of the report is aware of the fact that no rules were broken, but creates a report regardless in an attempt to hopefully get the 'Accused' banned, or a report in which the OP lies and twists certain aspects of the situation to make it seem as if a rule was broken.

Someone misunderstanding the rules or thinking that a rule was broken (in my opinion) does not warrant a false report punishment, as misunderstandings can happen.

An example of a false report would be:

In the situation linked above the OP is initiated on by the 'accused'. He claims that he was/wanted to comply, but was shot and killed regardless. Video evidence that was uploaded by the accused shows the complete opposite, as he attempted to retaliate by moving behind cover and pulling out his gun.

The OP tried to retaliate, failed and was shot, got upset because it failed and decided to put up a false report lying about what happened hoping that something would stick. This for me is a prime example of a false report, as this is not the case of someone misunderstanding the rules, but rather someone putting up a report with malicious intents hoping that something would stick and get the 'accused' punished.

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