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Hope sits within the cabin Noah left her in, still heavily injured from the misidentification of the 24th. Her ribs barely move as she breaths. She sounded in complete pain as she attempts to talk.

”This is Hope. I have bared sad news that most probably know that the camp at Tisy is no longer safe. For the benefit of your own safety, please do not go there. We lost a good person by the name of Jayden Hughes simply because he defend a camp of injured and those looking for safety. We had people shooting from mountains right at not only myself, but others heads.”

A heavy pained inhale as she exhales, sounding like she is avoiding to cry because of said pain.

“I was retreating to a settlement by people I can call friends before being shot for a simple mistake. One where I kept fading in and out of conciousness and yet I still find unbearable. Just the cherry to the cake, heh. Mgh...”

Another pause for a breath.  Hope takes a moment to collect herself yet again.

“Many of the volunteers whom are just as dedicated as I am are still wandering around. Still doctors ready to help you. Not everything is lost. Just a camp. That was all that was lost.”

She would inhale once more before whimpering a quick second as a sharp pain etches in her side.

”I’ll be back, but not in this state I’m in. Stay safe... Hope out.”

The radio clicks off with the peaceful goodbye as the doctor takes a bottle of water, drinking it sip by sip.

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Victor sits up in his cabin, alone, still gripping his back, before pressing his PTT

Doc. Hope. You can. You can say that again.

Yesterday, there was a large firefight close to the camp, between the 24th and the Chedaki. 

I don't know how it ended, but I assume the Chedaki fuckers lost.

I got punished by them afterwards. Because...

He begins to tear up

Because they took me from the camp itself, held up some people in it and carved the emblem into my back.

Bear in mind, we're the new owners. Generation Zero. We're making use of the walls. We aren't bad people. The people close by are.

So yeah. Everyone on this frequency, stay the fuck away from Camp Hope - for now. 

You would hear a small whimper of pain

I'm still kicking. See ya, fellas.

He shuts off the PTT 


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You can hear a fire burning in the background, Victor brings the radio close to his mouth and presses the PTT

"You really think that the Chedaki lost ah?"


"You are out of your mind if you think we will ever lose"

"We own this country, we rule this country.."

"And maybe alot of people dont see it that way, but we will make sure every single one of you either join us or die.."

"That counts for doctors, that counts for doctors that counts for children and that counts for woman.. It counts for everyone."

"We do not make exeptions because for whatever fuck your job is or what you do in this country, we do not give a shit, if you are against us you die."

"Thats why we attack the camp, thats why we killed Mexicans and we killed lots of other people ofcours"

"The mexicans did put up a good fight and killed alot of us, but you have no clue how many we are are, how many people we are having to watch others, other camps."

"We are everywhere, do not think we are dead.."

He starts to speak to the man they had hostage earlier

"Mr.Generation zero or Gen Z how they call themsefls, you are still kicking but eh.."

"Lets make this very clear, thats because we let you."

"Dont act like this on the radio again mister, or we will find you again and we will make sure you will never kick again"

"He smiles"

"Slava Chedaki"




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