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Greetings from beyond The Vale (Open Freg.)

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Milo hurries back from the house inside Camp Vale his back hurting from the Massive W scarred into his back. His eyes are filled with Vigor though that of a man with a purpose. Pressing down the PTT the static flares to life as he starts to speak.

"Hello! Hello! My wonderful audience you're tuning into The Valley News Radio. Hosted by your wonderful neighborhood reporter Milo L. Broussard!"

Sitting back down into his leather lined chair, overlooking the entire camp. He sees people bustling back and forth. Just like Camp Hope.....But not exactly. Guards stand by the entrances and exits. The Vale Militia, they're called. Few in number but quite formidable fighters. This is first and foremost a place of living yet also a Fort. 

Now their isn't much for the News on this station now that Camp Hope is down I've lost most of my info gaining capabilities. But I'm going to bring you a personal story not of one of victories, but of ordinary people who live in this New World. 

Sitting back in his chair he starts to reminisce. 

It was during the day of Camp Hope's disbandment. The day was nearing dusk and all those ghosties and ghoulies came out to play. Well if you can call a bunch of Jackal's ghosties. Friends and I we're travelling up to Camp Hope when we stumbled upon them. Well long story short we we're robbed and I was branded as a weakling. Well now that we we're robbed tried to make our way towards Camp Hope. Battered and Bruised we managed to make it. However the only thing that awaited for us was not Noah's strict voice or Dr. Hopes healing hands. No what awaited for us was a warzone. 

He stops to recollect his thoughts as he starts shaking. 

The Vato's and Jackals where at each others throats at Camp Hope. We'd arrived just in time to see the Vato's meet the Jackals assault full force. We managed to run inside before the fighting became any worse. There we we're met with a frosty yet friendly reception by the Vato's. It was here that we learned of Dr. Hope's radio broadcast. That Camp Hope was no more. It broke our hearts.

His voice starts increasing in tone As his eyes sweep across The Vale. 

Dream's may die, my friends. But IDEALS! Those live on through all of us! Those pave the way for a BETTER and BRIGHTER tomorrow! And that my audience is why I founded The Vale with my friends. To carry on the ideals of Camp Hope. For better or worse that is what we will do!


This is The Vale's Valley News Network singing off.


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