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Our Story

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            "Our Story"





 During his time in Potius Cras Kirby felt like what he was doing wasn't going to save Humanity. Kirby had a different idea of "Saving Humanity" He came to a conclusion that if he thought he wasn't able to help find a cure for the infection, He might as well document it or in his words "Make One big Story... Everyone has one". Now for this to happen he had to run down into Chernogorsk to find a camera. On his way down he stumble across people and asked them basic questions and scribbled them down for future use. Questions like "What is your name?", "How'd you end up here", "What drives you to keep going?".. Kirby enjoyed jotting down people's experiences and thought about making video tapes of "interviews" and compiling them into one big documentary to make one big story about all the people he ran across. Once down to Chernogorsk he noticed he'll need more people to help complete his quest, Starting with close friends and branching out from there.

                                                                                                                                       Group Premise

The Group Premise is pretty simple, To go around talking to people and gathering their stories. At the End of the time frame we set we will compile all the footage of people we have met across our journey, We would edit the video to make it look like a rough cam recording of a interview and then post it to the forums or something along the lines of that. I want to make this group because I've never really seen anything like this done before in this community and i would like to make one big moment everyone can look back on and enjoy the wacky, goofy, hostile, and sane characters everyone here has made.




                                                                                                                                            Group Goals

                                                                                           Make/Edit the documentary named "Our Stories"- Day 700

                                                                                                        Find and maintain Camera Equipment- "Ongoing"

                                                                                           Travel to known settlements and interview locals- Day 660

                                                                                          Find reliable people to help pursue our goal of humanity's memory- "Ongoing"

                                                                                          Spend one day in current groups to gather information about their daily lives- day 700

























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Interesting idea, but WIP group threads aren't allowed to be posted. If you need pointers, there's guides all over the forums.


There's a lot more than this around if you do some digging. Best of luck though!

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Hello @Kirby-KP,

We do not allow work-in-progress in group ideas, please post this thread once it is fully prepared.

You will have to either PM a Moderator+ to have it unarchived or make a brand new thread.

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