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edgy Phoenix

Tisy Summer Camo is back up & running! (Open Freq.)

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*Luca presses down the PTT*

What's Up everyone. Gen Z have taken over the abandoned old camp at tisy that the doctor's so nicely left fully intact.
We will be setting this up as a settlement of some sort and rename it to the Midnight Club

We also have a few doctors up here that will be able treat people with illnesses or shot wounds or whatever they may come down with. 
The Pub will be refurbished as a Nightclub. We'll stock up on alcoholic drinks so we can the good stuff going!

Come hang out if you want. We're looking for people to run security.
All we ask is that you take beef with someone to the outside of the camp. We're not gonna take part in that. We're just gonna hang out and chill and have a ton of fun. 

See ya round people.

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*"Jack" chuckles and presses his PTT*

Well, as they say. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

I gotta say, it's a good use of the camp. I'll be there soon to check it out. 

Oh, and there won't be old guys who will try and extort you for entry.

I'd like to see you there, fellas.

*He releases the PTT*


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* Duncan lets out a sigh before responding to the frequency. *

" I can't go back there, that place puts me on edge. All those people... "

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*Noah presses down his PTT with some clear pain in his voice.* 

"Well, fuck...keep the dream alive I guess..."

*The man pauses as he fights some pain* 

"Don't call it our trash, we didnt want to leave the camp. But... Im glad its being used. Stay safe Gen Z, I may take a stop by soon." 

*He pauses, then speakes again with slight sadness in his tone* 

"Will you be renaming the camp from Camp Hope/Pisces?"

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