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Sauce's highlights of his first week in Chernarus

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A couple clips to start out with and then a overview below.

First: Shenanigans with the residents of Tisy Summer Camp and my most hated character Fruit loops. (Whoever plays this man does a very good job of getting under my skin lol. No hard feelings though.)

Second: Sauce finds a base full of friendly locals and the biggest man in the camp man challenges him to a fist fight because Sauce is in the US army.

And Last: after Sauce befriended the hulk of a human, Dominik exerts his dominance on thievery filth in the Tisy Camp.

In all the different experiences Sauce had and the friends he made he will cherish for the rest of his days. Thanks to everyone in the community for the amazing RP.

Other amazing moments not on film:

  • Interrogating the notorious Toymakers with Rykers boys, and witnessing Dr. Hope's interrogation techniques along side
  • RP torching the dead batteries base and getting captured for it.
  • Meeting a fellow survivor Hutch and traveling the country side with him.
  • Finding and experiencing the Tisy Summer Camp with all of the lovely and great RPers inside.
  • and many more minor events finding friendly survivors providing amazing role play while traveling the countryside.

Also if this doesnt match the forum category tell me and Ill move it, thanks again dayzrp community!

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Sauce is my hero.  Him and Theo have had some good bants.  Welcome to the community buddy 🙂

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Haha not exactly sure what was all going on here but had to laugh when the guy lept from the tower and the other guy landed right on him!

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4 hours ago, nisbo said:

Was that an RKO?


Either that or a hulk smash. Lethal damage was given.

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