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Shakes's Night Hunt

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Shakes lay awake at night next to the fire, staring up at the stars above. Shakes liked being alone, ever since Smish died, it's been lonely. Shakes had time to think about how his day went and decompress with a crackling fire in his ear. Shakes lifts his left arm up in front of his eyes. His eyes carefully read and sound out the word written on his forearm in shaky handwriting, "Smish". He smiled at the thought of his dearly departed friend. He turned his head towards the fire, feeling the heat dance from his ear to his nose. 

"I's spose i-it time to g-get some s-sleep.", Shakes thought to himself. He lifted himself up from the fire, feeling the cool embrace of the night air slowly remove the heat off his face. He shuffled over to his cabin and lay down for the night on his rattan bedroll. The thought of Smish dances around in his head until he slowly falls asleep. 


Shakes lifts up off the floor from his bedroll and sits in silence. Staring into the blackness of his cabin, motionless. 


There's no mistake, there's someone outside. Shakes yells out, "W-who's ever that i-is.." Shakes pauses for a brief moment and regains courage "P-please leave." 


A single bullet is fired, striking the side of the cabin, 

"Come out you simpleton! You've got a nice house, are you not going to invite us inside?" a voice rings out from outside the cabin.

Shakes peaks out the window of his cabin only to reveal nothing. He crawls over to his rifle and takes it in his left hand so tightly his knuckles turn white and almost emit a soft glow

"Awww come on man, its so colddd out here!"

"Yeah! Why not some food too?"

Sweat begins to navigate from Shakes's forehead down to his scraggly beard, he opens his mouth but words won't come out

"Alright.. that's it.."


The sound of glass shattering rings throughout the quiet forest. A vibrant glow comes from the window near Shakes. Shakes falls backwards onto his bottom and scoots backwards. Shakes's cabin was now engulfed in flames. Shakes freezes his body movements in the blistering fire, and glances down at his rifle in his hands and notices "Smish" written on his arm again. Remembering what happened to Smish, Shakes does not hesitate and bolts out the door, and keeps running into the dark of the night


Bullets fly by Shakes, but he doesn't turn back, he's determined to make it away safely.

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