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To All Those in need, Hunters, and Nomads [Open Freq]

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*Shakes takes his rifle off his back and leans it up against the wall of his cabin, setting his flute next to it on the ground. He twists some knobs on the new radio he found and twists them until it turns on*

"...so's im sorta new to a-a-all this radio e-equipments... I-I hopes its workin'.... i-if an-anyone can hears me, p-please listen to whats I gots to say..."

*shakes pauses, and lights a cigarette*

"...I has been a quiet man... I-I has been a hunter... I has been a-a silent bystandah in w-what's c-come of this h-h-here area... I have l-lived off the-the land for quiet some t-time.. What I has seen in the n-north n-northern forests is n-not okay... we n-need to come togetha a-as as a people... I's been d-dooing my best t-to help those i-in need. If yous needs help.. p-please reach outs to the Brotherh-hood of H-Hunters.. alls we's want to do is help. Lord knows we-we's got enough f-f-f-f-f-food f-f-for everyone at-at-at-at the table given to's us by m-m-mother nature her-herself.... For those w-who wish to j-join the Brotherhood, y-y-you's dont even have to asks, you is already a-a-a parts of the Brother-hhood if yous want.. but if y-y-y-you don't want to j-j-join that-that-that-that-that-that's o-okay too. M-make sure the people's y'all's are helping know w-who's you is, l-l-l-let them know you's a kind individual and-and-and-an-an-and you's a brother.... -t-tank y'all"

*Shakes turns off the radio and puts the cigarette butt in his pocket*

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Posted (edited)

The twenty-six-year-old remained silent. Just sitting on top of that one rooftop located somewhere in Pustoshka. Jeremy kept his gaze locked onto the road at all times, maybe hoping to find a soul to greet, maybe hoping to rescue a small yet meaningful conversation or maybe looking for the smallest trace of sanity to show up in front of him. Upon hearing the white noise that was coming from the radio, he reached for this one in an anxious manner, following by raising it closer to his mouth.

After a minute or two had passed since the radio went silent, Jeremy brought his thumb towards the PPT, pressing this one with skepticism.

For a couple of seconds, all that could be heard was the sound of the wind and the several trees around the area moving along this one. Every now and then the distinguishable sound of waterproof fabric moving would be noted on the background. Then, from a second to another, a voice broke the silence.  "This is Sand-man speaking." The speaker presented a piercing yet somewhat polite tone. There was a short pause followed by more words.

"It's good to know that there are still some decent people walking around the world... - Yeah, I hear you friend. The north is quite a shit show right now, I don't really recommend it to anybody, at least not now. Honestly, there's not much we can do about all the hostilities, unless you want to get yourself a one-way ticket to ''six feet under the ground...''  -If you catch my drift."

The speaker would pause for a brief period of time, a sigh following.

"No matter how hard we try, conflict always finds a way to set in, you know?. Right now all we can do is take care of our own and those who are the most important to us. These are rough times, but hopefully the storm will pass soon. Stay safe out there stranger."

With that said, Jeremy released the PPT, focusing his gaze once more onto the road, just going back to his daily routine.

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*He would listen to a mans voice on the radio for a couple of moments now sitting in a barn somewhere in a western outskirts of the area. It was all he could do waiting for the right time to move on somewhere else. Originally he didn't even planned on answering or saying anything but after a few seconds he realized that he doesn't talk to other people much this days, not in person, so he might as well do it on the radio. No harm in it, too Gregor picked up said radio closer to his mouth and pressed PTT button*

"My name is not really important. I doubt anyone would even remember it in a day or two. Conflict is to be an expected outcome when different people come together. Especially in this twisted, new world. It's a natural order of things, always has been. Groups... settlements... it's just a nice way to paint a big red sign that says HERE WE ARE, COME GET US. Sure, some of those places are good places but sooner or later they're gone. They never last. Some of us learned that the hard way. That's why some people are just a bystanders watching as others people's attempts at bringing back a piece of the old world fails in the end. It's because there is no coming back."

*Man sitting on a pile of hay released PTT button pausing for a minute but eventually Gregor decided not to proceed with his rant any further. He took a deep breath as pieces of memories started flashing through his mind. He snapped out of it as quickly as he fell into that trance and went to check his stuff before leaving*

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