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YNW Jasper

Please try and help me understand this verdict. Because I don't.

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Posted (edited)

Hey I was browsing the forums casually and saw that my friend @YNW Dusty was permabanned in a report recently. Sucks. I checked the verdict and it actually hurt my head to look at. 

How on earth did the staff team that reviewed this come to this conclusion at all? Please i'd like to know because I have read it over myself many times, had people who used to be staff look at it, and it makes no sense to any of us. Just seems like something that had other motives behind it, but hey, that's just my silly thoughts that carry no weight whatsoever on the topic. 

How did this get verdicted the way it did? It genuinely baffles me. 

He even linked a situation that was 1 to 1 pretty much the same thing that got verdicted the opposite of this.

To me it seems like Dusty was denied his final appeal in the hopes that he would slip up at some point, and took this report as the chance to do it and get rid of him for no real reason at all. And the fact that @RandyRP a man who is friends with the accused was allowed to even touch this verdict also baffles me. 

Can someone from staff, or really, anyone from staff explain to me why this was verdicted the way this was but hasn't been other times in the past, and also why @RandyRP was able to vote on it? Correct me if i'm wrong but staff who are biased aren't really supposed to touch reports involving their friends and yet...he was just kinda able to do so here for no real explanation. 

How did this GM team come to the verdict that punching someone that was shit talking them IC is NVFL and FALSE REPORT of all things? False report? Isn't that when someone makes a report that they know is bullshit? 

Hasn't it been stated by higher end staff themselves that a single punch doesn't grant immediate mow down rights? As @Dustup put it 

I don't see how they can verdict a report that says shooting a guy twice (and not killing him) is something which should not have happened while saying that to kill a guy that punched you once is fine. Especially when it is within the same rule-set and very recent. People rely on those reports to see what we can and can't do and how the staff interpret the rules, shouldn't have to keep guessing which way something may or may not go. This part right here from that verdict is a clear interpretation and is very similar to what happened with your case "you two had an aggressive conversation which led to Thrash punching you once. Your decision to shoot him twice for it was not justified. While someone punching you multiple times can sometimes be considered a hostile action therefore granting you kill rights, but this was not the case here. Trash did not threaten your life and he only punched you once. Instead of continuing the hostile roleplay you two had going, you decide to open fire which put an end to the RP for both sides."

So for future reference staff, if this is not the case, next time someone punches me in game I can just mow them down and not expect a ban over it? Just say nothing and mow them down and i'm fine right? If not, then why? Do we even care about consistency anymore? 

What about this report where literally the exact same thing happened, and again, it was verdicted the opposite way?

@Roland @Zanaan I would love to hear some admin opinions on this. 


Edit: Weird. His appeal hasn't even been made yet AFAIK. But ok. 

Edit again because I can't comment @Roland I don't really feel like trimming any of this as I think they're all pretty valid questions. Just answer whatever your heart fancies I guess 🙂

Edited by Jasper

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We cannot discuss this at the moment as it pertains to an appeal. We will get back to you once the appeal is solved.

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I think you need to condense your question down to bare essentials, because you're going in like 3 different directions in your post and there are like a dozen of completely different questions and I don't know which ones to answer. Specific questions please.

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